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LG Nano 75NANO99UNA 65NANO99UNA overview

Line of TVs NANO99UNA NANO99LNA Nano99UNA is the most advanced nano TV model. In 2020, this TV model should compete with OLED TVs. TVs are...

Comparison of LG NANO 2020 TVs Short Review

LG NANO81 vs NANO85, NANO90 vs NANO97 vs NANO99 Technical Comparison TVs from LG NANO series, these are mid-range televisions closer to the premium series,...

LG NANO81ANA TVs Short Review

LG NANO81ANA TVs are televisions for the North American market. This is a model of the 8th series of TVs with Nano screens. The...

TVs 8K Samsung Q800T, Q900T, Q950T, 2020 compare

8K TVs are a popular trend of recent years. Since new revolutionary technologies have not been invented in recent years, the 8K screen and...

Samsung Q90T TVs overview, comparison with Q90R, Q90N

TV Samsung Q90T vs Q90R vs Q90N Q90T series televisions, 9 series TV with UHD screen. For North America will be produced in four versions...

TV Samsung Q80T vs Q80R, Q80N 2020-2018

Short review, Samsung Q80T TV Q80T series of quantum dot TVs, 2020 model. The line of TVs in 2020 has been expanded, there will be...

Samsung TVs, Q60T vs Q60R vs Q60FN series

Let's see what has changed in Samsung Q60 TVs in 2020 in comparison with TV models of previous years. T year identifier Q60T model 2020

Compare LG OLED TVs CX vs C9 vs C8 Series

TV models LG OLED CX, C9, C8 differences LG continues to produce the C Series OLED TV line. Televisions are available in three 55, 65,...

LG OLED TVs WX vs W9 vs W8

OLED65WX vs OLED65W9 vs OLED65W8 The OLED series of W. TVs. It is more customary to use the names of WX - 2020...

TV LG 65SM8100 vs 65SM8600

In the North American market introduced a new model of TV 65SM8100AUA. This model has expanded the NanoCell 8 Series TV line. Just note that...