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Differences between the TV LG 60UF850V, 60UF851V, 60UF852V, 60UF855V, 60UF856V, 60UF857V

The new line of LG TVs in 2015 8 series consists of six models of TVs with the same specifications but different design. Perhaps...

Lineup LG TVs 2015 in the United States and Canada

LG has introduced a line of TVs in the US in 2015. Customers are offered a choice of any model. Traditionally, buyers of USA...

The differences between the models of TVs LG LF630V, LF631V, LF632V

LG TVs 6 Series -  LF630V, LF631V, LF632V. Technical parameters of the TV are the same, but with a different design. LF630V has black stand and...