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What TV support Disney plus (Disney +)

Despite the rather short lifespan of Disney plus, as of mid-2021, more than 100 million people had subscribed to Disney +. This makes Disney...

Who makes OLED TVs: List of OLED TV manufacturers

OLED TVs were launched in 2016 and since then have occupied a niche in the TV market. Now, as for 2021, many companies are...

TV brands, history, who owns TV brands.

All TV brands who owns Televisions are made under different brands, many companies have invested in the development of new technologies and have won the...

Who makes Philips TVs

Where and by whom are Philips TVs manufactured You should know, Philips stopped production of household appliances, including televisions, in 2012. But the trademark is...

Philips 2018/2019, 65PFL5704 / F7, 55PFL5704 / F7 TVs explained

In the US, presented a new model of Philips TV which is marked in 2019, this model is 65PFL5704 / F7 and 55PFL5704 /...

Philips TV model number by year 2012-2019 decode, explained

Philips TV models number explained How to find out my Philips TV model You can find out the model of the TV from...

TV rating May 2017

LG published a rating of TVs available for sale in May 2017. This rating is compiled by Consumer Reports on the basis of a...