How to find out which screen on a Samsung TV is 10bit or 8bit + FRC


Screen 8bit + FRC or 10bit how to check in Samsung

There are several ways to check which screen is installed on your Samsung TV.

  • 1 way – the easiest to find out the type of screen, see the technical specifications. Until 2020, Samsung indicated the number of shades. If there was a footnote, one could find a note that dithering technology was applied. But since 2020, this does not work. Samsung has stopped, for example, in QLED TVs, indicate the number of shades displayed on the screen. It is only indicated that the screen supports 100% color tones in quantum displays. But you can pay attention to the backlight technology used in the TV. The backlight technology is applied to a specific type of screen.
    • Supreme UHD Dimming – TV 8bit + FRC
    • Ultimate UHD Dimming (pro) – the TV screen is 10bit.
  • Method 2 is more complicated and requires caution, you can go to the engineering menu and there is a parameter, control FRC, if the parameter is active, it is available for configuration, this means that FRC is used. The parameter is inactive, the example below in the photo, a screen with a color depth of 10bit or 8bit. Samsung sets 8-bit screens in entry-level televisions.

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