What is Mini LED TVs


Mini LED TVs are LED TVs that have a direct backlight and the LEDs themselves have a very small size. The LEDs are placed on the back of the screen, providing an even backlighting of the screen.

Now for better understanding, let’s look at the following, according to the claims of screen manufacturers, the number of mini LED backlighting will be, from 8,000 to 200,000 LEDs per TV screen. The number of LEDs will depend on the size of the TV screen, in small screens, for example 40 inch TV, mini LED diodes will be installed 8 000. In a large screen of 80 inch mini LED diodes will be used more such as 20,000. More screen area, you need more luminous flux, so the number of LEDs increases.

Advantages of Mini LED, mini LED vs LED screens

The advantage of such TVs is one, a large number of LED backlighting, allows you to control the backlighting software and when displaying a black image to turn off the backlight, thereby providing a blacker light. The very structure of LED screens does not allow for true black. Since there are a lot of LEDs, for example TCL stated that the 8 series mini LED TVs have 25000 mini LEDs which provide a uniform backlighting of the TV screen. Especially the backlighting control is relevant when watching HDR-enabled videos.

Number of controllable illumination zones of micro LED screens

To understand, a TV with a 4K screen, has 8,294,400 pixels, divided by 20,000 mini LEDs. That means that one mini LED lights up 414 pixels, which is a 20×20 pixel square. Ideally, the more zones the better, if you do control at the level of each pixel, that’s a pretty big breakthrough in image quality. But most likely, manufacturers will make a gradation of displays, there will be displays with mini LED backlight and a small number of dimming zones, there will be produced screens with thousands of dimming zones, such screens will be more expensive and will be installed in top models of TVs.

Mini LED technology from TV manufacturers

2021 will be declared the year of mini LED TVs, all TV manufacturers said that in 2021 will be updated lineup of LED TVs, there will be mini LED TVs. This is the next step in the development of LED technology. In fact, the modernization of existing plants for the production of mini LED screens is minimal and does not require large capital expenditures


TCL – introduced mini LED TVs in 2020. But although these TVs use mini LEDs, they are more like the TVs of previous years. The TVs have QLED screens, they have better color rendering parameters than ordinary LED TVs. TCL has several models of mini LED TVs, these are 65Q825, 75Q825, 55R635, 65R635, 75R635.

Mini LED TVs Samsung

Samsung – According to information on various sites, Samsung will also produce mini LED backlit TVs in 2021. At the end of 2020, this has been confirmed. Previously, Samsung executives said that at the end of 2020 will stop production of standard LED screens, and the display factories in 2021 will be upgraded, and from 2021 will produce screens of improved type. What exactly the improvements of LED screens from Samsung, we will know before the exhibition CES 2021. Opinions about this, quite different, some publications say that Samsung makes hybrid screens, which will be and OLED pixels and backlight, others talk about mini LED, it is assumed that Samsung in its screens will use backlight with 100000-250000 mini LEDs. According to the latest information Samsung has decided to continue producing LED screens in 2021.


LG – LG has also announced Mini LED TVs, but LG has the advantage of large OLED screens and they don’t need backlighting. But LG has NanoCell series, it is expected that this series of TVs in 2021 will have mini LED screens.

Mini LED TVs Sony, Panasonic

Sony, Panasonic – since these companies have long ago moved away from developing screens for their TVs and buy displays from third parties, they will also make TVs with mini LED screens. But perhaps a little later, this will be influenced by who the screens for the TVs will be purchased from.

Other TV manufacturers – it is difficult to say about all the other brands, because the screens, such companies buy from third-party manufacturers. But given the trend of recent years, yes such TVs may well be made, but perhaps a little later or even simultaneously with other manufacturers.

Quality mini LED TVs

The quality of mini LED screens, of course, will be quite different, it all depends on the number of dimming zones, if TCL claims 1000 dimming zones on the TV screen. And that means that if a UHD TV has 8,847,360 pixels, one zone will overlap 8,847 pixels. that’s quite a lot. In such a TV, dimming is possible in squares of 93×93 pixels. Televisions with that many dimming zones have been manufactured for about 5 years. And as it is, this is nothing new. Another thing is if they can make 10,000 dimming zones, then the picture quality will improve dramatically with HDR.

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