Are you automatically muted on Clubhouse?


Clubhouse is an audio social network that focuses on connecting people. On the one hand, the social network is very similar to traditional media services. On the other hand, Clubhouse offers a unique way for people to interact with each other.
In general, once you get a Clubhouse invite, you can choose from a variety of audio rooms or choose your own. However, the rooms may vary. In some, users can talk whenever they want. In others, people can only talk when the room administrator allows it.

How do I know if I’m muted on Сlubhouse?

If the room doesn’t have a restriction on speech set by the room host, then you will initially be muted, but you can always unmute yourself to say something. If the host doesn’t allow free speech when users want, then you must raise your hand to ask the room admin to allow you to ask a question or contribute something.

What does the hand mean on Clubhouse?

As with any other conversation app, raised hand means you want to say something. If you’re muted by default, you must raise your hand to ask the host to let you say something or ask a question.

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