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Globalization makes shipping services affordable. Everybody, at least once in life, ordered something from the international store.

Globalization makes shipping services affordable. Everybody, at least once in life, ordered something from the international store. Today, anything can be sent by post from everywhere. However, there are many scammers on the net. Hence, it is very important to deal only with reliable sellers and buyers. Intermediates can help to protect your parcel. Please, conduct business with proven companies. Guys from 402 Meco Dr are one of them. They have a very strict policy for fraud. Everything about 402 Meco Dr activities can be studied here

The Most Popular Ecommerce Fraud Schemes

Unfortunately, there is a wide range of ways of deceiving buyers and sellers on the Internet. But if you know the schemes, you can fend off rascals. Let’s peruse the common types of fraud.

  • Credit card data theft. Unreliable stores save money on special protection systems. Hence, the client’s payment information can be stolen and used on the darknet for purchasing.
  • Avoiding intermediates. Often, scam sellers ask to pay them directly, avoiding the eCommerce platform. By this scheme, rogues can assure that your payment was not received to make you pay again for products.
  • Interception of goods. If scammers have someone’s credit data, they can try to intercept the delivery of goods by changing the shipping address or steal them in the post office. 
  • Demand product fraud. Swindlers can propose very required goods at high prices on eCommerce platforms or even on their website. When you order from them, they use your data to order the same goods from the real store but cheaper. Yes, you will receive your parcel, but you will overpay for it, and the fraudster will earn money. 
  • Buyer fraud. A purchaser can “mistakenly” send to a store a cheque for more than the agreed price and ask for a refund of the overpaid amount. Be sure, you will lose not only refunded money but also yours because a buyer can cancel his/her payment in the bank.

This list is not full. Every day, malefactors create new ways of heating honest sellers and buyers. 

How to Protect Yourself from Scammers? 

There are some key facts both sellers and buyers should pay attention to if they want to avoid intruder interruption in their eCommerce operations.

For buyers: 

  • Check the seller on the Internet. Are there reviews on the company? How long does it operate? The absence of this information or lack of it can be an alarm to stop dealing with such a store. 
  • Use intermediates as LiteMF when buying expensive products. They will inspect your parcel before you pay for it.
  • Do not deal with sellers who ask for a direct transfer avoiding platform rules.

For sellers: 

  • Do not deliver goods before your bank confirms payment receiving.
  • Use intermediates for shipping goods, especially expensive products, and change delivering address only after direct communication with the buyer. 
  • If you receive an overpayment, request the whole refund from the bank and ask a client to pay the correct sum. 

When you suspect fraud, please contact LiteMF directly as your intermediate to avoid unpleasant situations. 

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