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How to find your Instagram drafts on Android device

Regularly posting photos and videos to Instagram is quite a detailed job, especially for those who do it full-time - SMM, bloggers, etc. Typically, these people...

How to search comments on Reddit

Reddit is a popular platform for communicating and sharing various content. In the English-speaking community, this resource is positioned as the main or first...

How to force Google Chrome to save passwords

Every modern user has a huge number of accounts on various resources, including Google. Moreover, cybercriminals have learned to crack many passwords literally in...

How to fix Firestick remote not working

If at any time the buttons on your Firestick TV remote stop working or the buttons do work, but the TV doesn't respond, it's...

How to build a bubble chart in Microsoft Excel

Most of those who have ever made charts in Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint have noticed an unusual and amusing type of chart - a...

How to see who has made changes to Microsoft Word document

The Internet makes it possible to work together with people who are geographically separated from you. It's often necessary to edit the same document...

How to get a Snapchat streak back

As creators state, the app Snapchat - is a virtual space for one-on-one communication. Snaps (snapshots) - short videos and photos taken and transmitted...

How to install Kodi on Chromecast

IPTV technology turns upside down the traditional understanding of TV, offering users a completely different, modern format of broadcasting in IP-based networks. The implementation...

How to turn off subtitles on your Hisense TV

You could say that subtitles have become an indispensable part of watching movies and TV series, not only for people with bad or absent...

How to manage saved passwords in Google Chrome

You've probably had to deal with passwords that you forget at some point. Well, for example, you want to visit a website that you...