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HDMI IN game port and HDMI eARC what is it

New designation of HDMI ports in Samsung TVs Since recently, on TVs, for example, Samsung, a port designation with a game console icon and an...

Artificial intelligence in televisions, phones is a lie or the truth

AI in televisions, phones, what is explained Since 2018, artificial intelligence began to be advertised on TVs; the peak of advertising was in 2019. In...

Brand Blaupunkt who owns

Brand Blaupunkt history, whoowns Blaupunkt brand 1923-2020

Mobile ecosystems exist yes or no

Mobile ecosystems what is it The last 10 years on the Internet very often recall mobile ecosystems. Since the main operating systems in phones are...

Samsung reduces the cost of LED TVs in 2020

Samsung rebranded the marketing names for its TVs, if until 2020 LED TVs were divided into a series of premium UHD and just UHD...

What is IMEI code in the phone decoder, explained

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) - This is the identifier of the radio module installed in the mobile device (phone, tablet, smart...

LED Lamp Lifetime explained

How long do LED lamps and luminaires last? LED lamps, appeared since the beginning of 2010 when organic materials were developed. Organic diodes, we used...

Where are LG washing machines made

Where are LG washers manufactured? The Korean corporation LG produces household appliances in a wide segment. Washing machines are one of the quite significant...

Short review LG TV OLED C9

TV LG OLED C9, this is the TV of our usual classic layout. The TV can be mounted on a stand or placed on...

RGB vs WRGB Screens, Difference Comparison

What is the difference between RGB and WRGB screens To display the color tones of the image, you must show the entire color palette. But...