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Broken screen TV screen repair why there are problems

In more and more users in the use of LED TVs, unfortunately LED TV has a matrix which is highly sensitive to shocks or...

When to buy a TV, the benefits and advantages, sellers tricks

Question about buying a TV, but it is better to buy when does not give rest to many potential buyers. Let's try to answer...

Top selling OLED TVs Q1 2016

We give an analysis on sales OLED TVs Amazon.co site and Amazon.co.uk. Since OLED TVs were among the first to release the LG company...

How to fix an overheating Laptop: explain by example

As users become more and more laptops. During operation there are problems with overheating of the computer. This is reflected in the spontaneous departure...

TV 2015, that the buyer wait

Before the beginning of the start of sales of TVs in 2015, have to wait a few months and as always, the buyer begins...