Exhibition of new products of consumer electronics and everything related to gadgets, CES 2016. Taking place in the US in early January.

Usually the most interesting shows on the first day of the exhibition, including news television technology.

Unfortunately over in the new TV is not shown if 2014 were a novelty OLED Screen, 2015 UHD screens, then in 2016 as a novelty presents video support HDR (High Dynamic Range).

This is understandable in the next 2-3 years, is not planned development and introduction of revolutionary technologies in the production of televisions. Television will improve, through refinement of existing technologies and reduce the cost of the TV.

HDR technology is not new in the video has been used for several years, was first implemented in video cameras, TVs with support for HDR issued in 2014, for example, one of the first Sony said in a TV support HDR.

HDR camcorders and TV sets are different, if the camcorder from multiple shots with different exposure program is one in good quality. With this method you can well reveal any details when shooting. This can be seen in the middle picture, one dark and one bright photos, made very high quality picture, average.

HDR 3 photo

That in TVs under HDR understand the ability to display a greater range and depth of color. The transmitted video should maintain information on the depth of color and the screen must be able to show the different shades until this ability have OLED screens and SUHD.


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