The IMEI number is a unique ID for each smartphone that can be used to track your phone or lock it. iPhone, as well as any Android phone also has an IMEI number. Although this is a unique code, it is quite easy to find and in this article, I will tell you how to do it.

iPhone IMEI number explained

IMEI is the international identification number for mobile equipment. Every modern phone has an IMEI number, which is unique to every device.

It is useful for you to know the IMEI number because it will help you protect yourself in case of an emergency. For example, you will be able to lock your device so that it cannot be used. Also, you can use it to help the police trace your device and find the burglar.

However, it is especially useful to know the IMEI number when you buy a used device, as it will help you understand if that iPhone is okay.

How to find IMEI number on iPhone via settings

The easiest way to find out the IMEI number on your iPhone is through the device’s settings. To do this:

  1. Turn on your iPhone
  2. Open Settings
  3. Tap on General
  4. Tap on About the program

Now you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and there you will see the IMEI number. You can copy it if you want.

How to find IMEI number without iPhone

If you currently don’t have an iPhone for which you want to find the IMEI number, you still have a way to get it. To find IMEI number online, you need to log in your Apple account with your Apple ID.

Then go to DEVICES and select an iPhone for which you want to find the IMEI number. This is especially useful in case you lost your iPhone and want to find the IMEI number for it.

How to find iPhone IMEI number with iTunes

There is another way to find iPhone IMEI number. Using this method, you need to connect your iPhone yo your PC or Mac through iTunes or Finder. After you’ve connected, you can find out your IMEI number under the name of your iPhone in the SUMMARY tab.

This may be useful way if your device screen isn’t working.

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