How to fix LCD TV flickering
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Screen ripples or flickers are firmly associated with older TVs, but in practice, the problem can affect modern technology as well. Even if the new TV model supports the most advanced formats with high picture quality, it doesn’t guarantee image stability. As for LCD TVs, the causes of flickering can be very different.

It can be a problem with the wiring, a bad signal, a faulty power cable, damage to the screen matrix, and others. In any case, to determine the cause of what is happening, a thorough diagnosis is required. If you cannot determine the cause or correct the problem yourself, the best solution is to contact a specialist. However, you can still fix some LCD TV problems yourself.

How to find the cause of LCD TV screen flickering

The diagnostic measures for a flickering TV problem are to find the cause that determines how to fix it. Some faults are easy to fix, others require professional help, and in the latter case, trying to solve the problem yourself can lead to unfortunate consequences.

First, you need to understand why your TV screen is flickering by performing a diagnosis based on these signs:

  • Screen flickering is observed when watching TV via cable, while when connecting to the Internet the picture is stable – the problem is in the antenna.
  • If the cable connector is damaged, the picture deteriorates and blinks, in this case, the socket needs to be replaced, and the procedure should be performed by a technician.
  • Flickering screens in the case of satellite TV can be a one-time problem, usually caused by increased cloudiness.
  • LCD TVs are also characterized by regular flickering when the power board is malfunctioning.

To solve the problem, it is important to trace the moment of its occurrence and determine the nature of its manifestation. This will help you understand why the TV screen is blinking and take appropriate action.

What if the problem is with the peripheral connection?

If the picture on the screen started flashing only after connecting external USB devices to the TV, you can confidently attribute the problem to the USB port. Failure of the connector can be caused by natural wear and tear during prolonged use or breakage as a result of careless actions of the user.

Bent cables can also be damaged in such a way that the video signal is not coming in at an even rate or completely, causing inconsistencies on the screen, such as flickering. If the flicker comes from only one video source, such as a cable TV, antenna, game console, or Blu-ray player, try replacing the cables.

You may also be able to fix some cable problems by disconnecting the cable, straightening it out by hand, and then reconnecting it to both devices. If the problem is caused by a bad port, solve it by using a different connection port on the TV, if available.

What are the most important things to do if the LCD TV screen is flickering?

On your own you can do the following things:

  • Check the wire connection to the power supply. Minor wire breaks can cause short circuits that affect the quality of the TV.
  • Check that the cable is securely connected to the TV socket. If the cable is loose, the screen will blink or flicker.
  • Check the settings of the TV itself. They can go astray during power outages, weather disturbances, or if your provider has changed the frequency of the signal. Try turning on auto-tuning again.
  • Call your ISP’s hotline to see if there are any breaks in the signal source line.

If the causes of flicker have not been identified, then they are likely to lie in the wear and tear of the parts of the TV itself or the malfunctioning antenna. And here only a service center specialist can help with the problems.

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How to proceed when a one-time defect with the screen is detected

First of all, we recommend you to switch off your TV equipmeperiodin period of time, e.g. 30 minutes. If after switching on the device the problem is still present, you should pay attention to the number of blinks, repeating after a certain pause. The deciphering of the number of flickers can be found in the manual that comes with the entire TV.

Most cases show that one of the most common problems is the failure of the power supply or breakdown of blocks frame or line scan. You should not try to fix this kind of problem without the appropriate level of knowledge.

For a quick and quality solution to the problem, we recommend contacting the qualified experts of a reliable service center. Timely assistance from technicians will allow you to avoid large financial expenses and enjoy the full performance of your TV.

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