What does the LG washing machine model number mean

Since 2016, there have been several changes in both the marking and the type of washing machines. Of course globally nothing new is there but a number of improvements will find its connoisseurs. Added a model with the possibility of installing a small washing machine, this solution is very popular in the US.

Such washing machine has received marking LSWD100, to it it is possible to buy the small washing machine at it in marking it is specified Mini. Improved SmartThinQ (home management system). Washing machines as well as other LG products have a model number by which the main characteristics of the washing machine can be determined.

The model of the washing machine is produced for several years, so the marking does not include the design year of the specific model.

LG washing machine model numbers explained 2014-2019 Europe

identification of washing machines LG Europe

LG washer model number decoder example


What do LG washer model numbers mean? Let us tell you what the symbols in the model number of the LG washing machine mean. How to determine the parameters of the washing machine by model number/

  • F (M, E), FH – Front loading. Number of characters may vary by model or country. Top-loading washing machines are not popular in Europe. Therefore, in the line of LG washing machines there are no models of top-loading washing machines.
  • 14 – maximum rotational speed of the drum of the washing machine during the spin cycle,
    • 10 (0) – 1000,
    • 12 (2) – 1200,
    • 14 (4) – 1400,
    • 16 (6) -1600,
    • 80 -800.
    • The maximum spin speed for manufacturers of washing machines is one of the main parameters that they are trying to convey to the buyer. Although it is not particularly informational. At high speeds, only cotton items can be pressed. Wool or artificial fabrics should not be wrung out at high speeds. Wool, tearing fiber. Artificial fabrics are durable, but at high speeds they are strongly creased. It is recommended to wring the wool in general by hand, and wring artificial fabrics at a speed of not more than 800 rpm.
  • U2 – type of control programming and display.
  • QCN – model designation is generally not critical, it can be only a single reservation that model with the function of education got steam at the end of the letter S (QCS)
  • 2 – color washing machines.

identification washer LG US

identification of  washing machines LG (US)

LG washer model number US, Canada decode, explained

In the US and Canada, LG offers models of washing machines with both front-loading and top, another feature washing machines which are issued for these countries, washing machines are available on a pedestal on which you can optionally install a mini washing machine. It can be used to wash a small number of things, which ensures energy savings.


    • W – Washer
    • M – front loading, T – top loading, D – Pedestal washer
    • 3370 – washing machine series, the more the first figure the greater functionality, and also changes the type of control.
    • H – steam function
    • V – color
  • A – pedestal

What information is in the model number of the washing machine

  • type of home appliances
  • control type, but not on all models
  • washing machine, according to the type of loading laundry
  • series
  • color
  • additional functions

LG washer models by year

Since LG models of washing machines have been produced for several years, the model date of the washing machine does not indicate the production date. The date of production of LG indicates the sticker on the washing machine. This sticker is usually glued on the back of the washing machine. You can also find the production date from the serial number. In more detail how to decrypt the serial number in our article (decoding the serial number of the LG washing machine).

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    • I don’t know the part number, but I can tell you from experience that pumps very rarely fail. 90% of failures are a foreign object getting into the pump and jamming it. I would recommend you remove the pump and look at the water pump gear to make sure it spins freely.

  1. Great try, but still useless. Can’t navigate through their products. What is worse when you download manual, except from the cover, it doesn’t say which product you’re reading, so you can really compare between tge couple of them. Extremely bad naming convention.

  2. Hello
    What is the meaning of V in model number???
    Regards from LOVELY GUJARAT, INDIA

    • FH:front loading
      V:AI Direct Drive ,T:Steam Technology,M:6 Motion Directdrive
      12: Max spin rate is 1200,10 max spin rate 1000
      07:load weight 7kg, 65:6.5kg, 06:6kg
      W:Turbo wash, N:Normal I suppose
      B:Black washing machine, W:White, L:Luxury Silver

  3. Hi, can you help me with the model number of the LG RC80EU2AV4D dryer? What do letters and numbers mean? Thank you for answer. Jana


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