Each manufacturer tries to allocate some of their monitors types, although often this division is very conditional. Consider how to divide the types of their computer screens LG and Samsung-.

ultrawide monitor 21:9 LG – monitor having an aspect ratio of 21 inches in width and 9 inches in height. Because of this ratio are large diagonal of 29 inches. Useful for working with tables or graphics. Samsung have also have such monitors but they are presented not as widely as in LG.

IPS LED LG monitors installed matrix made by technology IPS. Samsung traditionally uses panels made of VA technology therefore does not separate its monitors in a separate category on the type of matrix.

LED the common name of backlight technology is now all monitors are made with LED light, the name is left from the days when only began to produce monitors with LED backlighting.

Monitors can also be divided into models with aspect ratio

  • 16:10 – an attempt to create something unusual, did not receive wide distribution.
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