In the US, presented a new model of Philips TV which is marked in 2019, this model is 65PFL5704 / F7 and 55PFL5704 / F7

Televisions for the US and Europe are produced by different manufacturers, they produce Philips TVs under license. In the USA, the right to use the Philips brand for televisions was acquired by Funai Corporation

Trying to increase sales and compete with other manufacturers, with virtually no own development, which is very difficult. One of the areas of marketing policy may well be an increase in the number of TV models offered, and especially TVs with a new label indicating a new TV model, the buyer will think that he is buying the newest TV model, but in reality this may be a hoax.

As advantages of this TV model:

  • 4K UHD – but it has become almost a standard for large-screen TVs.
  • HDR 10 – more advanced TVs support optional HDR 10+ and Dolby Vizion.
  • OS Android TV – one of the many platforms used for televisions, has no clear advantages.
  • Google Assistant – is Google’s voice assistant.
  • Google Play Store –  is an app store, but there are relatively few apps for TVs.

The technical parameters are identical to the 2018 TVs.

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