Started the process of publishing on the websites of manufacturers, the release of new TV models in 2016. But let’s see what’s new and what will be the difference between TVs in 2016 compared with 2015.

Unfortunately no manufacturer has been able to offer something new or radically improved the old.

In 2016, an advertising campaign to promote the TV will be based on the following points.

  1. Support TVs HDR video, but this technology is not something new, with support for HDR TVs released in 2012, but then it was not put in charge of the advertising companies. And content with support for HDR there is little, and the second caveat is that to fully show HDR content Only TVs with OLED screens or SUHD.
  2. Improving operating systems TVs, LG will introduce WebOS 3.0 with some new functionality to scale the document on the screen TVs and engaging family smart home electronics. Samsung is similar to upgrading its OS Tizen TV, adding new functionality programmatically.
  3. Design, the standard course of repeating year after year.

There is a stagnation in new technologies for television, still can not come up with radically new. Therefore, buying a television in 2016, most users will not get absolutely nothing new compared to the 2015 models.

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