Apple has a very flexible policy regarding sales. For example, the company sells iPhones with contracts, full-price iPhones, refurbished iPhones, and renewed iPhones.

Renewed iPhones, this is one of the types of iPhones which are sold in large quantities on Amazon and in other stores. There are a lot of these iPhones on the market, but people often don’t understand the difference between them and refurbished iPhones.

What does Apple iPhone renewed mean?

Apple iPhone renewed is a used iPhone that has a good appearance and has been prepared for a new sale.

You should understand that this is not a new iPhone, it is one that has already been in use, but then for some reason was returned in store. Companies that sell renewed iPhones will usually work to restore the appearance of the device. Also, if the iPhone had minor malfunctions, then the company could fix it.

After the problems were fixed, such an iPhone goes back on sale.

Look, battery wear level and accessories in box of the renewed iPhone

  • Look at the renewed iPhone – the phone may have minor cosmetic defects on the outside, but they should be invisible at arm’s length.
  • Renewed iPhone battery wear level – the battery in the iPhone renewed must have at least 80% of the new battery capacity.
  • Renewed iPhone accessories – by default such iPhones are supplied not with the original accessories, but with accessories certified by Apple. You might get lucky and get an original accessory, like a charger or power cord. No other accessories are included with a renewed iPhone.
  • Settings and connection to iCloud – the company that prepared the iPhone for sale has reset and removed the device from the previous iCloud account.
  • iPhone box – the phone is packed in its original box if it still has it, or in a new box (but not the original one).

Does Apple warranty works for the renewed iPhones?

Since this device isn’t new, it isn’t covered by Apple’s warranty, instead, it’s covered by Amazon’s 90-day warranty. The 90-day warranty means that you have 90 days to return, repair, or get a replacement for the phone you bought. You can read more about it on Amazon’s website.

Does Apple renewed iPhone worth buying?

Renewed iPhone is still not the same as used iPhone as it has been inspected and prepared in the store. Typically, these iPhones have been used for much less time.

The problem is that often you can’t know what has been repaired in an iPhone, it could be just a phone that has had its case thoroughly cleaned or it could be a phone that has had its screen replaced. Buying such a phone is a lottery.

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