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Social media occupies a very important place in the lives of modern people. Using social networks people can find out world news, learn something new, and find out how their relatives and friends are doing. Others use social networks for more serious purposes, such as promoting and developing their brand, group, or page.

One such social network is Twitter. Twitter is one of the most popular networks. Twitter is most often compared to a social network for a more serious audience, but it’s also a great tool for entertainment, work, and promotion. To date, Twitter has prepared its users with a novelty Twitter Circle. Many people have no idea how to work with it, while others have already begun to actively use it in their lives.

What is Twitter

Twitter is the kind of social network that is unlike others because users share short messages. As users are allowed to send text notes of up to 280 characters. This way this social network doesn’t look overloaded and people get everything they need in short messages.

One of the advantages of Twitter, besides tracking trends, is its feature of forming a news feed. Twitter’s feed generation algorithms are somewhat similar to those of Facebook, but Twitter shows in the feed not the most recent news, but the most popular and interesting for the period when you weren’t online.

Also on this social network, hashtags are considered a powerful tool to attract more people. Twitter’s algorithm is able to recognize topics you’re interested in by the hashtags you use in your search. This allows you to have a feed with the most internet publications for you.

To date, there has been a rather interesting feature of Twitter Circle with which you can make your stay in this social network more private. If you’re interested in this topic and you want to be more protected from other people in the social you should learn how to remove Twitter followers.

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What is Twitter Circle

To date, Twitter hasn’t announced this feature as a feature for all accounts. So far, Twitter tests long-form notes that let people go beyond the character limit, giving not all Twitter users the opportunity to experience this feature. Thus, not all users have the opportunity to choose Twitter Circle when creating a tweet.

The most important thing to know about Twitter Circle is that it allows you to send tweets to a small group of selected people. You can create such a group of people up to 150 people. It works so that these people can read and interact with the tweets you share with the circle.

Many people who have tested this feature see similar things with Instagram’s ‘Close Friends’ feature. However, it really is, because on Instagram you create a list of people who can see your stories. In the same way, on Twitter, you create a list of people who will see your tweet.

In general, Twitter is a social network that creates all possible conditions so that you can preserve your privacy if required. For example, you can edit who can reply to your tweets on Twitter. That allows you to protect your tweets.

How is Twitter Circle different than Twitter Communities

After much news about the Twitter Circle feature, people who haven’t tried to interact with it have found many similarities to Twitter Communities. Maybe there is something to it if you don’t use one of them, but there is still a difference and it’s noticeable.

Twitter Communities are private groups that were created to give users a space to communicate. Whereas Twitter Circle is just a list of people who will have access to your tweet.

So in the process of using these two features, you will be able to understand that they are completely different. Try to update your Twitter app, maybe this test new feature will show up in your account too.

How to use Twitter Circle

In fact, an active Twitter user shouldn’t have any difficulties, because creating a tweet for Twitter Circle is almost no different from an ordinary tweet. In order to create a Twitter Circle, follow these steps:

  • The first step is to open the Twitter app.
  • After that, click on the ‘+’ icon to write a tweet.
  • Next, write text in the field and add photos and other parameters, if necessary.
  • Once this is done, you need to click on ‘Everyone’ so that ‘Twitter Circle’ appears under this parameter.
  • Then, after you click on ‘Twitter Circle’, a new window will open in which you need to click on ‘Got it’.
  • In the list of people, click on ‘Add’ whom you want to add to the Twitter Circle.
  • After that, in the top corner, click on ‘Tweet’.

After these steps, you’ll be able to be closer to certain people and use this feature, which resembles similar features on Instagram and Facebook.

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Why Twitter Circle is so popular

In fact, the explanation is quite simple, because with Twitter Circle you have another opportunity in front of you. Thereby making your Twitter a little more private. Only you can see the full list of users in your circle. Twitter Circle is suitable for those who want to share information with a limited circle of people.

This way you create tweets for your loved ones and all those you’ve added and have something private and closed off from the rest of the world. Not insignificant is that you can always edit and delete your Twitter circle.

Also along with this, it doesn’t mean that you can no longer make ordinary tweets that other people will see. It has no effect on how tweets work, you can still create a tweet to be seen by many people and others can retweet it. Also if you want to make a tweet for a wider audience, you might want to know how to make pictures fit on Twitter to make your tweet look its best.

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