Types of 3d TV format (SG / FPR / AR / GPR / Non-Glass) description explained

A lot of companies don`t indicate what type of 3D TV follow. Usually it isn`t necessary TV wich determine, that what format a 3D image and automatically show it on the screen.

Nevertheless, some manufacturers specify the type of supported 3D image. As an example of LG writes (SG / FPR / AR / GPR / Non-Glass), what is it and what is the significance of these reductions.

3D formats means


SG – (Shutter Glasses) shutter glasses, in other words it is  an active 3D. This technology is using by  Samsung, the viewer displays separate frames for the left and right eyes. In the glasses alternately darkening glass occurs synchronously with the playback on the TV.


FRP 3D – Film-type Patterned Retarder-a technology it uses circular polarization LG, the viewer sees the image through the cursive one image for the left and one for the right eye. In this case, the TV screen is applied polarizing film, polarized glasses also so that each eye sees only its image.


ARAugmented reality meant that the TV can produce 2D to 3D conversion and generate a 3D image.


GPR– Glass Pattern Retarder a similar format to the FPR, only screens are made slightly different technology, the founder of the company AUO.

Non-Glass 3D

Non-Glass -three-dimensional image without glasses. 3D image is created for playback on devices which do not need glasses.

All in all, I believe that what viewers want that only a smart image on their screens without thinking about techologies


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