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How to enable or disable subtitles on LG TV 2021-2022

Subtitles are handy for people with hearing problems, and as an option, you can watch a movie or TV show without sound, getting the information from the subtitles. But for many people, they are...

How to find out the memory capacity of LG TV

If you have an LG TV and like to watch videos with various applications, use the TV's browser to visit websites. You may encounter a problem with the lack of memory on your TV....

TV LG mode in the store, how to turn off

You should know that your LG TV has an "In Store" mode. This mode is used when the TV is installed in a showroom in a store. Retailers can turn this mode on to...

How to turn up or down the volume on TCL Roku TV without remote

If you have lost the remote control of your TCL Roku TV, then do not get upset, you can control it without the remote control.

Philips TV remote not working, a solution to the problem

I recommend resetting the remote control and reconnecting it to the TV to get it working again. In most cases, 9 out of 10, this will help restore the remote and the TV...

Who makes Insignia TVs – here’s what you need to know

China's Hisense Corporation makes Insignia TVs with the Amazon Fire Smart TV operating system. Other Insignia models have been ordered from other Chinese manufacturers. But the leading supplier of Insignia TVs is Hisense....

How to adjust the sound on a Samsung TV Explained

Samsung TV sound settings Many people who use a Samsung TV ignore the sound settings. Let me put it this way: in the era of analog television, there were no settings; of course, there were...

How to find the model and serial numbers in the LG TV menu

If you need to find the model number of your LG TV, I'll tell you how to do it quickly. I was a little confused when trying to find my TV's model number and...

How to find the production date of a Miele washing machine

Miele household appliances, including washing machines, belong to the premium class. The buyer is offered the best products on the market. Naturally, the latest and modern household appliances should have an appropriate image....

How to enable HDR on Samsung 4K TV and PlayStation 4 Pro

HDR provides the ability to watch videos with improved quality. Modern gaming consoles also support HDR in games. But there is some peculiarity in enabling HDR in Samsung TVs. HDR Samsung TV Explained You should know...