When choosing an iPhone, you may come across offers of refurbished iPhones for sale. Apple’s website also offers officially refurbished iPhones. The cost of such phones can be lower by $100-300, so it seems like a good deal. Note that Apple usually begins to sell refurbished iPhones after the release of a new series of phones. This is most likely a marketing policy, the new phone is better all phones are produced without any remarks. In fact, of course in the electronics manufacturing process, there are cases of delivery of defective components.

What does refurbished iPhone mean?

You should know that you can find two types of refurbished iPhones on the market. iPhone refurbished by the Apple manufacturer and the second case of the iPhone refurbished by the seller, although this is much less common.

What does refurbished by Apple iPhone mean?

When the phone is assembled, it’s going through a number of tests before it would be packed in the box to check whether everything is okey. The tests check iPhone’s quality of the screen, its electronics and so on. Some phones don’t pass the tests, in that case they’re considered a manufacturing defect.

Of course, such phones aren’t disposed of, but they go to the repair unit. You should understand that modern iPhones are monoblock, which means that the motherboard, the speakers are soldered. Also, the screen is glued to the phone’s body.

In order to disassemble the phone, you must have special skills and devices. For example, the screen is glued to the body with special glue, to disassemble the phone screen should be heated to a certain temperature. When heated, the glue softens and then you can remove the screen.

When repairing iPhone, the screen is removed and the defective components are replaced. After the repair, the phone is assembled, then it goes through the tests and if everything is okay it’s packed and sent to the store.

We’d like to mention that the company isn’t hiding the fact that the phone was refurbished. And since the phone was repaired, the company gives a discount on such iPhones. The amount of discount depends on the repair complexity, for example, if the microphone module is replaced, the discount will be smaller. And if the repair required to remove the battery or change more complex components, the discount will be higher.

What does refurbished by seller iPhone mean?

These cases are quite rare and usually occur in countries where there is no official warranty on the iPhone. In this case it is difficult to return the phone to the manufacturer. And sellers themselves carry out repairs of such phones.

We don’t recommend buying iPhones which have been refurbishedhed by a seller, because in this case there is no original warranty and you can never be sure how well the repair was done.

Are refurbished iPhones good?

If we’re talking about an iPhone refurbished by Apple, it’s a good deal. You can choose such an iPhone and Apple guarantees that the refurbished phone isn’t different from a new one. Also, the refurbished phones are covered by Apple’s full warranty.

So if you buy a refurbished iPhone, you don’t lose anything as you get an iPhone of the same quality as a new one.

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