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TV brands, their history, who owns television brands

All TV brands, who owns them Televisions are one of the electronic devices in every home and room. Televisions come under various brands, and many...

Input lag in TV, Monitor, Game console

What is input Lag Let's understand what input lag is; it is considered the time it takes for an action or signal to be displayed...

Samsung CU7000 vs AU7000

In this article, I will look at Samsung's budget TVs from the Crystal UHD 7 Series line.The CU7000 is the 2023 model from the...

Picture mastering index, PMI index LG TV explained

Picture mastering index, PMI index LG TV

List of 3D glasses compatible with LG TVs

Of course, this is history, but in 2010, TV manufacturers decided to master 3D in TVs. In those years, it was a trend; in...

USB Cloning TV LG and Samsung what it is explained

What USB Cloning in TVs is, and why was it invented USB Cloning is the ability to write your TV settings to a flash drive...

Color Prime vs Color Prime pro TV LG what is...

This article was written in 2015 and revised in 2023. COLOR PRIME technology is positioned to improve color reproduction in LG TVs. It is impossible...

Quality index, dynamic scene index in LED TVs

Consider what the index action scenes and how it technically works on the TV. This description is appropriate for the index action scenes of...

Peak illuminator, Peak illuminator Pro Samsung TV, what is this explained

The technology used in Samsung TVs. This technology first appeared on Samsung TVs in 2015 and lasted until 2016. Over time, technology has evolved...

Connecting a Laptop to a TV via DisplayPort and HDMI

Here's what you need to know to connect your laptop or PC to your TV using the high-speed HDMI or DisplayPort ports.Your TV only...