AI in televisions, phones, what is explained

Since 2018, artificial intelligence began to be advertised on TVs; the peak of advertising was in 2019. In 2020, artificial intelligence on TVs 2020 is almost unreported. So what is artificial intelligence in the TV.

AI in TVs, phones

What TV manufacturers advertise with respect to artificial intelligence.

  • Intelligent Image Processing
  • Work with voice assistants
  • Intelligent sound.
  • Smart home technology

But is it really so. Or is it just advertising to lure customers. Let’s think about these statements and draw conclusions.

There is no artificial intelligence in televisions and telephones. This is the layout and manipulation of beautiful, smart words, to create a psychological effect for the buyer, the next direction. I buy the best TV, it has intellectual capabilities, which means the TV or phone is of better quality. This is psychology, the satisfaction of the desire to have better material wealth than others.

Intellectual processors

Why so, the processor itself cannot be intelligent in any way, it can only be suitable for a large number of calculations, but it must be powerful processors that have dozens of cores and support much more logical processes. And in televisions and phones there are low-power processors of the ARM architecture, their power is enough to handle current tasks and display the image on the screen. The processor itself is a piece of iron, plastic, to summarize the processor is a set of transistors. So that the intelligence of processors is just a fictional marketing ploy.

Work with voice assistants

A TV or phone acts as a communication device, sending a request to the servers of companies that really work with Google, Alexa, artificial intelligence programs. For some reason, we do not call Alexa Echo DOT or other devices intelligent. This is also an advertisement.

Intelligent sound

This is also an advertisement, for high-quality sound reproduction, initially used high-quality sound recorded in 5.1 or 7.1 formats. The sound in these formats is correctly processed by the TV and the sound after processing acquires, creates the effect of the surround sound, if possible, it all depends on the quality and number of speakers. But we are not talking about any intelligence, ordinary advertising.

Smart home technology

Smart home technology does not yet have even the initial levels of intelligence. The smartphone and TV are used as a remote control to control other devices that support collaboration.

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