In the description of OLED TVs, you can read about the advantage of OLED TVs that LG called. Exact image quality with ‘Color Accuracy’.

TV color reproduction

As LG says about this – in the technical descriptions of TVs, manufacturers talk about the number of color shades on the TV, but with OLED you will enjoy accurate colors without distortion.

LG says OLED panels provide the most natural color tones. Is it so? To some extent this is advertising, but keep in mind that OLED displays show a perfectly black color in contrast to LED screens. You will notice this difference only in dark scenes and when watching TV with the lights off in the room. The rest of the color shades do not visually differ and 99% of viewers will hardly see any differences when comparing OLED and modern QLED displays.

Color Accuracy TV LG
Color Accuracy TV LG

LG demonstrates the advantage of a dark-colored picture that shows the residual backlight of the LED screen. But if you show the picture in bright colors, then the differences will not be noticeable.

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