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How do I know when my Samsung TV was made?

We live in a dynamic world; technology is developing rapidly. Electronics, including televisions, become obsolete very quickly. Your old TV works, but it does...

LG dryer model number and serial number decoder

A dryer model number identifies the appliances and helps you choose when buying a dryer. And if you need to know the year of...

Samsung TV operating system by year

Today, it has become commonplace for a TV to receive TV channels and streaming video and integrate it into an innovative home system. However,...

TV size to viewing distance calculator: choosing a TV

When it comes to choosing a new TV for your room, you will, as usual, be plagued by doubts, on the one hand, you...

LG washing machine serial number lookup, decoder, mean, explained

What does the LG washing machine serial number mean? The serial number of a washing machine or dryer is not just a number. The...

iPad models by Year (2010-2023)

The iPad era began in 2010 with the release of the first iPad. It was a real revolution in the market, but at that...

What is an EID number in a phone?

We explain what an EID number is in a phone, tablet, laptop

Samsung Phone serial number lookup decode 2001-2025

You should know that Samsung phones have a commercial name, by which we are used to choosing a phone, for example, Galaxy S23...

LG Magic Remote compatibility list 2011-2023 year

You should know the Magic remotes of LG TVs are compatible with TVs from other years. If you have a 2021 TV, a...

Samsung Smart remote TM1950c, TM1950a for TV 2019

If you have a TV with an R in its model number, it will work with TM1950 remotes. There is a wide variety of...