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Sharp TV models number 2009-2024 decode, explained

Sharp, once the top seller of LCD TVs in the early 2000s, found itself in serious trouble by the end of the decade,...

LG Magic Remote Compatibility List 2011-2024 year

You should know the Magic remotes of LG TVs are compatible with TVs from other years. If you have a 2021 TV, a...

LG TV α5, α7, α9, α11 smart processor: generations

In 2017, there was a new trend in TVs - the emergence of intelligent processors. Of course, you should know that processors naturally...

How to know the manufacturing date of a Samsung refrigerator

Knowing when your appliances were manufactured is very helpful in a number of ways. Of course, in most situations you don't need to...

LG Magic remote control does not work, how to fix it

This article will look at some of the most common problems encountered when using the Magic (Smart) remote control, an accessory that comes...

Hisense TV model numbers explained 2014-2024

The Chinese company of the same name manufactures Hisense TVs. You should know that Hisense is the largest TV manufacturer and owns many...

Serial Number iPhone decode, explained 2010-2024

The serial number is a unique identifier of the iPhone; for most users, you will never need it, but if you need to...

Samsung phone serial number lookup, decode 2001-2025

You should know that Samsung phones have a commercial name that we are used to choosing a phone by, like Galaxy S23 or...

How to fix upside down TV screen Samsung TV

The problem with image rotation on a Samsung TV can occur because you accidentally press something on the remote control (depending on the...

How to blur background in Zoom

Zoom has been lucky, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic; initially it was one of many platforms for video conferencing (for example, more than 10...