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Samsung TV and viruses, danger of infection

This topic gained traction in 2019 when Samsung released a message that Samsung Smart TVs can be susceptible to viruses and should be scanned...

Samsung TV operating system by year

It has now become customary for the TV to receive not only TV channels, but it can also receive streaming video and integrate into...

How to find a Samsung TV manual, firmware, Quick Guide

There was a time when you could find several brochures in a TV box, sometimes quite thick. But now you won't find any manuals...

Samsung 98QN100B review, comparison – worth buying

Samsung introduced a 98-inch TV model. I decided to find out what makes this TV model different. Unfortunately, I couldn't understand its features well...

What is judder and how to get rid of it

If you watch movies or TV shows on your TV, you may have noticed that sometimes there is a jerking effect that makes the...

What is a SEID number, phone and tablet iPhone

You can see the SEID number in new modern devices, phones, and tablets. Why is SEID needed, and what is this number? You can...

Protecting the screen of your LG OLED TV

You should know that OLED TVs have their own peculiarities, OLED displays age over time, and the more you watch TV, the faster the...

What does TruMotion mean? explained

What does TruMotion mean? TruMotion is the designation used on LG televisions. At first, it was measured in hertz, but since TruMotion has nothing...

GE refrigerator model number decode explained 2016-2022

If you are interested in information about GE refrigerators, specifically how to find and understand the model number, you will find information here. What does...

What is Crystal UHD TV Samsung

Samsung Crystal UHD - In 2020, Samsung introduced a new name to classify its TVs, the name Crystal UHD appeared. Crystal UHD is the...