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PQI Picture Quality Index Samsung TV

What does PQI mean The PQI picture quality index is an attempt by TV manufacturers to rank their TV models to show...

LG Magic remote not working how to fix

During the appearance of LG smart TVs, LG remote controls have changed several times in appearance and design. So in 2021, the Magic...

Where are Dell computers made

It seems evident that Dell makes Dell laptops. But this is not always the case, many models of laptops are designed and manufactured under...

Amazon Prime Video not working on Samsung TV

Prime video not working Samsung TV Amazon Prime is not working on Smart TV. One common problem on Samsung TVs and other Smart TVs...

Where are LG TVs made

Who makes LG TVs LG is a huge corporation that operates in various fields. One of the areas is the production of household appliances and...

Apple iPhone model number mean explained

iPhone model number meaning I'm going to talk a little bit about the model number of the iPhone. If you look at the packaging of...

TV Size to Distance Calculator and choose TV size

When it comes to choosing a new TV for your room, you will, as usual, be plagued by doubts, on the one hand, you...

Tesla Phone, Tesla PI Phone, Tesla mobile Phone

The Internet is full of rumors about the possible start of the production of cell phones by Elon Musk under the Tesla brand. It...

Where are Sony TVs made

Sony is a Japanese Sony Corporation (Sony Corporation) brand that produces various electronics. Regarding television production, in 2009, the company's management decided to change...

Where are Samsung TVs made

You will find it in this article if you are interested in where Samsung televisions are made. Of course, in today's world, many companies...