The problem with the image rotation on the Samsung TV can arise, or you accidentally press something on the remote control or something to do with the TV. Also, a problem may occur with the settings of the tuner or signal source. The picture may rotate 90 or 180 degrees on the TV. Therefore, I recommend you first consider what you have been doing to the TV.

If the picture on the TV has rotated 90 degrees, the portrait mode setting is on. If the image is rotated 180 degrees, it is more complicated, and you must check where the problem comes from. Press the menu button on your TV and bring up the menu; if the menu is usually shown, it means there is a problem with the signal source or tuner settings. But if the menu is also reversed 180 degrees, then, as Samsung says, seek help from a service center, but I will now explain the problem and how to fix it yourself.

The TV image is rotated 180 degrees, and the menu is also upside down.

This situation can not just happen; as a rule, this situation occurs in some cases. For example, the image can be rotated 180 degrees in your TV, and if the main board has been replaced, you need to set up a different type of display. The second option is Samsung TVs have a service menu, and if you decide to enter the menu to change something or look at the menu, then after viewing the menu items, you turn off the TV, turn it on, and see what you see, the image is mirrored. What happened? Why did this happen? When you changed the settings, it didn’t happen.

One possible scenario is that you have changed the type of matrix in the TV settings; the fact is that TVs have different matrices, different not only in size diagonally but also in type, not to mention the manufacturer; if you did not know Samsung buys displays for TVs from third parties. The operating system, when you boot up reads what type of matrix is prescribed in the settings and loads the appropriate program, and the screens themselves are universal and can be set as desired by the manufacturer, the orientation of the image is specified in the settings, similar to a smartphone, there turning the image depends on how you hold the phone. Thus, if all the settings are applied at once, the type of matrix is essential only when you boot up the TV, the changes are used only when you start the TV, and if you change the type of matrix, you will not see the changes immediately.

Samsung TV screen rotation settings, Samsung TV rotate screen 90 degrees

If the picture on your TV is rotated 90 degrees, the TV is in portrait mode. You should know that some Samsung TVs can turn (Sero model). It is also assumed that the TV can also be used in an upright position, for example, as an advertising device or to watch videos shot in portrait mode. You can find TV mounts that rotate 90 degrees, and Samsung also offers the SAMSUNG Auto Rotating TV Wall Mount for some 2022 models. If the picture on your TV is rotated, look for the portrait mode or rotate the screen setting.

How to fix a mirror image in your Samsung TV, Samsung TV rotate screen 180 degrees

As I said before, this can happen if you have changed the settings in the service menu or replaced the TV’s main board.

The first way to fix an upside-down 180-degree picture

It could be that the wrong display type is set in the settings. This is pretty easy to fix; go into the service menu, and on the right side, you will see a large table with your TV’s factory settings. These settings are stored in the TV’s permanent memory and cannot be changed. Find the Options line; it indicates what type of screen your TV is set to; write down or remember the screen model.

In the next step, go to the Options menu; there will be an item Type; go to this submenu, and you will see a list of all the screens that Samsung installs in this TV model. Look to see what type of screen is selected. If a screen type differs from the one in the factory settings table, you must choose the correct screen mode and reboot the TV.

After rebooting the TV, the picture will have the correct orientation. This is one option, but there may be other settings that affect the rotation of the image.

The second way to fix an upside down image on a Samsung TV

HV Flip – in the settings of the hidden (engineering menu), there is a setting to flip the image. It may be inactive in some Samsung TV models.
Go to the service menu, select the setting “option” then “MRT Option” and then “HV Flip“. Go to the HV Flip setting and change the value.

What HV Flip Samsung TV means.

The HV Flip setting in Samsung means the following – Horizontal Vertical Flip.
This setting can have several values.
H Flip – flip the image along the length of the TV horizontally.
V Flip – flip the picture vertically.

If necessary, you can flip the image as you need; you may ask why I need it; I say, so cases are different. Maybe someone needs a mirror image.

The HV Flip setting itself has only two values: on or off; change the setting. After restarting the TV, the image will be shown according to the selected setting.

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  1. my Samsung tv has flipped the picture 180°. mom pushed something on the remote and doesn’t know what. how do i fix this. model un4oh4005, software t-mvl1ausc-1011.0

    • UN40H4005 You can only flip the picture in the service menu settings. Try resetting the TV to factory settings.

    • If the picture is reversed, it means you have done something to the TV. You have changed settings in menus, etc. Find the manual for your TV and read how to change the orientation of the picture.

  2. My Samsung TV pictures are up side down. model: UA49N5000AR. Type: UA49N5000
    model code: UA49N5000AXXA. May you please help

  3. On my Samsung 46″ UE46F50005 tv I needed to enter service menu by Info->Menu->Mute->Power.
    Then options->mtr->Tuner and switched that from factory settings into Auto. Now image after moterboard replacement correct.

      • Lot Samsung models also have under options Tuner settings and there tyou have Flip Image setting. How ever my tv was that old that it dont have tuner settings only ability to switch default setting for tuner.



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