The problem with image rotation on a Samsung TV can occur because you accidentally press something on the remote control (depending on the TV model) or connect a video source to the TV that broadcasts content in portrait mode. In addition, the problem may arise due to a technical malfunction, but this happens rarely. The image on the TV can be rotated 90 or 180 degrees. Therefore, you should first think about what you were doing with the TV before it started showing an upside-down image.

On TV, the picture may be rotated 90 or 180 degrees for the following reasons:
The TV picture is rotated 90 degrees: Portrait mode is on.
If the picture is rotated 180 degrees, the situation is more complicated, and you need to check where the problem occurs. Press the menu button on the TV and open the menu. If the menu is displayed usually, there is a problem with the signal source or tuner settings. But if the menu is also rotated 180 degrees, then, as Samsung says, contact the service center for help. I will now explain the problem and how to fix it yourself.

The Samsung TV screen flipped 180 degrees and the menu also flipped upside down

This situation doesn’t just happen – certain events precede it. For example, the image on your TV screen can flip 180 degrees for just three reasons:

  1. The motherboard was replaced, and the default display model parameter does not match the actual model installed on the TV; to fix this, you need to go to the service menu and select the correct display model.
  2. The second option: the parameters in the service menu have been changed; If you decide to go into it to change something or view the settings, and after turning the TV off and on you get a mirror image, then you have changed the settings.
  3. The image is upside down and mirrored: usually this is some kind of malfunction; unplug the TV from the outlet and plug it in again after 30 seconds (this will reset the cache); If the screen remains upside down, your TV may need to be repaired.

If you changed the matrix type in the TV settings via the service menu, the image may be upside down. The fact is that TVs have different matrices, which differ not only in diagonal size but also in type, not to mention the manufacturer. In case you didn’t know, Samsung is buying displays for its TVs from third-party manufacturers, and from 2021, all LED, and QLED TVs exclusively use displays made by BOE, TCL CSOT, etc., since Samsung sold its screen factory to Chinese company TCL. The screens themselves are universal, and at the factory, when the TV is assembled, the orientation of the image is set in settings similar to a smartphone, where the rotation of the image depends on how you hold the phone.
So, while most of the service menu settings are applied immediately, the matrix type is only determined while the TV is booting up, so changes made will only be noticeable when the TV is turned on. It’s easy to correct screen orientation and flip images via the service menu, and I’ll explain how to do it below.

Samsung TV rotate screen 90 degrees

When the TV picture is presented in a portrait orientation, indicating that the device is in portrait mode, some Samsung TVs, such as the Sero model, are designed to support this format. This functionality allows the TV to serve versatile purposes, including as an advertising screen for displaying videos originally recorded in portrait orientation. Additionally, TV mounts are available that allow 90-degree rotation to display full-screen content streamed in portrait mode, either via an HDMI connection or through smartphone mirroring.

Samsung also offers a dedicated wall mount that can rotate 90 degrees. This auto-rotate feature is especially good for recognizing and adapting content received from platforms such as YouTube or TikTok. Some TVs have a built-in function for recognizing the image format and automatically react when it is received by switching to portrait mode, for example Sero, on other TVs, these are those that have a rotation button on the remote control, can control automated mounts, and the sensor built into the TV will change the image display format to TV after turning. If your TV shows an image rotated 90 degrees, then most likely it receives video via HDMI in this format, change the settings on your computer. Very rarely, the TV position sensor may be faulty; such sensors are mainly found in The Frame or premium QLED TVs.

Samsung TV screen rotation settings

If the picture on your TV is flipped 180 degrees, this could happen if you change the settings in the service menu or replace the main board of the TV. Call up the TV menu to ensure that this is not a malfunction but a setting. If the menu is upside down, you need to change the settings in the service menu.

The first way to fix an upside-down 180-degree image

The display type setting may be set to the wrong value. This is a relatively easy fix; go to the service menu, and on the right side, you will see a large table with the factory settings of your TV. These settings are stored in the TV’s permanent memory and cannot be changed. Find the “Options” line; it indicates what type of screen is installed on your TV; write down or remember the screen model. Suppose you have already replaced the main board. In that case, you will either have to do everything randomly, which can lead to unpredictable consequences, or disassemble the TV and look at the display model number.

In the next step, go to the Options menu, which will be “Type”; go to this submenu, select this option, and see a list of all the screens that Samsung installs in this TV model. See what screen type is selected. If the screen type differs from what is shown in the factory settings table, you must select the correct screen type and restart the TV. Do not select a larger or smaller display; this setting indirectly affects the voltage supplied to the screen backlight. The screen may overheat if, for example, you have a 50-inch TV and choose a 75-inch one. Conversely, if you select a smaller size, the image may not be visible, making further adjustments more difficult.

After rebooting the TV, the picture will have the correct orientation. This is one option, but other settings may affect image rotation.

The second way to fix an upside down image on a Samsung TV

The HV Flip feature on Samsung TVs, accessible through the engineering (hidden) menu, allows users to invert the displayed image both horizontally and vertically. This option, located under Option followed by MRT Option and then HV Flip in the service menu, allows you to adjust the image orientation. The HV Flip setting designation stands for “Horizontal Vertical Flip“, offering two different modes of operation:

H Flip: This mode flips the image horizontally along the length of the TV, creating a mirror effect along the horizontal axis.
V Flip: Conversely, this option flips the image vertically, flipping it along the vertical axis of the TV.

The need for such settings may arise due to various unique viewing requirements, including the desire to use a mirrored display or depending on the type of display installed in the TV. The HV Flip function itself is binary and only provides an on or off choice.

After selecting the desired setting and restarting the TV, the display will display the new orientation according to the selected configuration. It’s important to note that the availability of this feature may vary depending on your Samsung TV model, and in some cases it may not be active.

The image is upside down. The menu displays normally.

If the picture on your TV is upside down (but when you call up the menu), the menu is displayed correctly, then the display settings are correct, but the image entering the TV is upside down. This may occur due to the wrong tuner type selection. Check if this is the case, change the signal source, for example, from HDMI, or run any application; if the image is displayed normally, then the problem is still in the tuner. To fix this, try the following:

  1. Go to the service menu
  2. Select “Option” and go to this menu
  3. Select “Tuner,” activate this menu, and change the tuner type; you can install auto or any other available tuners.

If the problem is with the tuner, the image will become normal.

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  1. my Samsung tv has flipped the picture 180°. mom pushed something on the remote and doesn’t know what. how do i fix this. model un4oh4005, software t-mvl1ausc-1011.0

    • UN40H4005 You can only flip the picture in the service menu settings. Try resetting the TV to factory settings.

    • If the picture is reversed, it means you have done something to the TV. You have changed settings in menus, etc. Find the manual for your TV and read how to change the orientation of the picture.

  2. My Samsung TV pictures are up side down. model: UA49N5000AR. Type: UA49N5000
    model code: UA49N5000AXXA. May you please help

  3. On my Samsung 46″ UE46F50005 tv I needed to enter service menu by Info->Menu->Mute->Power.
    Then options->mtr->Tuner and switched that from factory settings into Auto. Now image after moterboard replacement correct.

      • Lot Samsung models also have under options Tuner settings and there tyou have Flip Image setting. How ever my tv was that old that it dont have tuner settings only ability to switch default setting for tuner.



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