What does RVU mean on a TV

What is RVU With the advent of digital television and the Internet, televisions have become smart devices for watching a variety of content. That’s when the idea of making it possible to stream TV shows to all the televisions in the house was born. In those days, the Internet was not particularly fast and streaming services were not yet available, but the Smart TVs in the house had a 100 megabit per second connection to the computer network, which allowed TV shows to be streamed over the home network.

So some companies (At&T, Cisco, Samsung and others) had an idea about how to make it possible to stream TV shows to all the TVs in the house. The RVU concept is as follows: there is a basic device in the house, such as a server, that receives video in some way, such as via satellite or cable TV, such as the Genie DVR, Genie Mini, Wireless Genie Mini. This device receives the video and then broadcasts it to other devices in the house via the home computer network.

What is RVU TV protocol

You can find RVU support on some TV models. RVU means that the TV has a built-in software protocol that allows you to share content on your home network. The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) protocol works in a similar way and can use Wi-Fi or a wired connection to a computer network as the transmission medium.

Simply put, your RVU-enabled TV can act as a (thin client) to receive video from the main server. Later, the standard was slightly improved, and now you can send requests to perform actions, such as rewinding videos. If your TV supports this service, the RVU logo must be present in the description of your TV or other device.


Direct TV 

Direct TV, by installing a DVR receiver (satellite receiver) in your home, you can receive TV programs via satellite and get additional services such as recording and storing TV programs for later viewing.

To access it, simply log in to your account.

Direct TV broadcasts a variety of TV programs through a satellite system. The latest versions can also use an Internet connection to retrieve content.

How does RVU work

You need to purchase a device (DVR digital video receiver) that will be a server in your home, such as the Genie DVR, Genie Mini, and Wireless Genie Mini. There are versions of receivers with built-in hard drives (TV recording).

It must be installed in your home. It must be connected to the Internet and use a satellite dish to receive TV. Using the RVU protocol, the TV becomes available to receive video from the DVR using a Wifi connection or the home computer network.

The Future of RVU

The future of RVU is probably very uncertain. Very few hardware manufacturers support RVU. The development of streaming services can be compared to RVU, only the server is on the side of the company providing the service. You can also just log into a streaming service account to watch videos from multiple TVs. And, of course, there’s the advantage of being able to watch different videos from the streaming service on your televisions. So, I think RVU will slowly lose customers.

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