Auto Depth Enhancer Samsung TV explained

What is Auto Depth Enhancer?

Technology Auto Depth Enhancer is designed to improve the contrast that allows you to create a more three-dimensional image. Used in TVs Samsung 9 Series, with the beginning of the mass production of curved televisions used in televisions and 7, 8 series.

And now this technology is positioned as an addition to the curved TVs, curved screen, and an increase in the depth of the image, provides a better picture quality.

How does it work Auto Depth Enhancer 

How it works: Determines the individual objects in the image are analyzed and where they are located, in the foreground, middle ground, or is it a background and dynamically apply different algorithms to increase the contrast of the visual perception of depth in the image. Image goes a little natural, artificial. Note that this mode is only available in a standard and a dynamic mode of the image, and is not available in movie mode.

Auto Depth Enhancer

Now it’s more practical why the mode does not work in movie mode. Cinema mode adjusts the image for a possible quick change of frame type and frame illumination, in short for dynamic scenes. In this mode, all additional software enhancements only spoil the image quality.

Recommendations for tuning, practice using all the additional functions and look at the image quality. But as a rule, when displaying an initially high-quality image, additional software improvements are not needed.


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