TV and monitor screen size, height and width depend on the diagonal

TV Dimensions, TV Sizes Screen

You decide to buy a new TV and do not know what size suits you. Or you can’t imagine the size of a 65-inch TV. Use our screen TV size chart to find all TV sizes from 19″ to 105″. The dimensions of TVs are shown in inches and centimeters for your convenience. If you’re wondering what size TV you need based on room size and viewing distance, you can read the article “TV Size to Distance Calculator and choose TV size“. I told you how to choose the right TV size in this article.

Dimensions of Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizio TVs

To present the dimensions of TVs, not just by screen diagonal, I decided to collect the measurements of TVs in one table. I have prepared a size chart for LG, Samsung, Sony, and Vizio. The dimensions include the frame around the screen but without the stand. The accuracy of the measurements is 99%. If the width or height of the TV is significant to you, refer to the dimensions of the specific TV model. I used the TV models listed on the manufacturers’ websites to gather the information; these are the 2022 models.

TV size chart, TV sizes in inches and cm

TV size inch diagonal screenSamsung TV sizes (dimensions)LG TV sizes
Sony TV sizes
Vizio TV sizes (dimensions)
width TVheight
32 inch TV dimensions28.4''
72.9 cm
42.0 cm
2.5 cm
73.6 cm
43.7 cm
8.3 cm
71.3 cm
42.7 cm
8.0 cm
40 inch TV dimensions35.2''
89.3 cm
50.6 cm
8.0 cm
42 inch TV dimensions (OLED)36.7''
93.3 cm
55.1 cm
5.7 cm
43 inch TV dimensions37.8''
96.5 cm
56.0 cm
2.7 cm
96.7 cm
56.4 cm
5.8 cm
96.7 cm
56.3 cm
6.9 cm
95.8 cm
55.6 cm
6.6 cm
48 inch TV dimensions (OLED)42.1''
106.9 cm
62.4 cm
5.9 cm
50 inch TV dimensions43.9''
64.5 cm
2.7 cm
112.0 cm
65.3 cm
4.9 cm
111,9 cm
64.9 cm
7.0 cm
111 cm
64.0 cm
6.5 cm
55 inch TV dimensions48.5''
70.9 cm
2.7 cm
71.6 cm
4.4 cm
123.3 cm
71.1 cm
7.2 cm
122.8 cm
71.3 cm
8.1 cm
58 inch TV dimensions50.7''
128.7 cm
75.4 cm
8.1 cm
60 inch TV dimensions
65 inch TV dimensions56.7''
144.7 cm
83.0 cm
2.7 cm
145.2 cm
83.9 cm
4.4 cm
145.2 cm
83.6 cm
7.2 cm
144.5 cm
83.1 cm
7.4 cm
70 inch TV dimensions61.1''
155.2 cm
89.9 cm
7.4 cm
75 inch TV dimensions65.8''
167.0 cm
95.8 cm
2.7 cm
167.5 cm
96.4 cm
4.4 cm
167.5 cm
96.2 cm
7.3 cm
166.9 cm
95.8 cm
7.4 cm
77 inch TV dimensions (OLED)67.4''
171.2 cm
97.6 cm
2.5 cm
172.2 cm
99.8 cm
5.4 cm
83 inch TV dimensions (OLED)72.7''
184.7 cm
105.2 cm
2.8 cm
185 cm
106.7 cm
5.3 cm
85 inch TV dimensions74.4''
189.0 cm
108.0 cm
2.7 cm
190.1 cm
109.0 cm
7.3 cm
86 inch TV dimensions75.8''
192.5 cm
110.5 cm
4.6 cm
97 inch TV dimensions (OLED)84.8''
215.5 cm
122.5 cm
2.8 cm
98 inch TV dimensions (OLED)85.4''
217.7 cm
124.5 cm
0.78 ''
2.0 cm

How to find out the size of the TV

Know your TV’s Size: This article shows how big your TV will be in centimeters and inches based on the size of your screen diagonal in inches. You can understand your TV size by reading our article on TV sizes. Your TV size is listed in centimeters and inches for your convenience. You can also visualize the size of your TV. For your understanding, in the picture below, I have shown how big your TV would be compared to a Ford F-150. Most buyers choose the most common TV sizes are 55, 65, 75, and 85 inches. If you are still in doubt about what TV to buy and want to understand the exact size of your future device, take a tape measure and draw a square on a free wall according to the dimensions you can find in our article so that you can visualize the size of the TV even more. 

Size of TV versus car
Size of TV versus car

Dimensions of TVs Length and Width

Many people wonder what screen size the TV or monitor will have depending on the diagonal because the diagonal does not give much information. Moreover, we used the old television standards, with a TV size with an aspect ratio of 3×4. But now, this standard is a thing of the past, and all new TVs come in a 16×9 aspect ratio standard; monitors can also have other aspect ratios, so-called widescreen monitors, the most common widescreen monitor size is 21:9.

TV measurements: So, the 21:9 standard is quite popular; 21:9 monitors have a smaller height but are wider; for example, a 26″ monitor would be 2.5 in. (6.4 cm) smaller than 16:9 monitors more suitable for multitasking and working with spreadsheets like excel.
When choosing a TV or monitor, note that the actual size of the TV will be 0.5-1.5 in. (1-4 cm) larger because of the frame holding the screen in place.

Size of TVs, aspect ratio 16:9 and 21:9 depending on the diagonal

TV sizes chart: In this table, you can find out what size TV or monitor corresponds to specific diagonal screen size (TV dimensions chart). The table shows the most common diagonal sizes from 19 to 105 inches. See the translation of the most popular sizes: 32 inches, 40 inches, 50 inches, 55 inches, 60 inches, 65 inches, and 75 inches by TV length and width.

Size screen 19-105 inch height and width

diagonal inchwidth cmheight cmwidth inchheight inchdiagonal inchwidth cmheight cmwidth inchheight inch
TV size 19 inch194223.616.569.311944.41917.467.4819 inch tv dimensions
TV size 22 inch2248.727.419.1710.792251.42220.228.6722 inch tv dimensions
TV size 23 inch2350.928.620.0511.282353.72321.149.0623 inch tv dimensions
TV size 24 inch2453.129.920.9211.772456. inch tv dimensions
TV size 25 inch2555.331.121.7912.262558.42522.989.8525 inch tv dimensions
TV size 26 inch2657.632.422.6612.752660.72623.9010.2426 inch tv dimensions
TV size 27 inch2759.833.623.5313.242763.027.024.8210.6427 inch tv dimensions
TV size 28 inch2862.034.94357913.732865.428.025.7411.0328 inch tv dimensions
TV size 29 inch2964.2036.1125.2814.222967.72926.6611.4229 inch tv dimensions
TV size 30 inch3066.437.426.1514.713070.030.027.5711.8230 inch tv dimensions
TV size 31 inch3168.638.627.0215.23172.431.028.4912.2131 inch tv dimensions
TV size 32 inch327139.927.8915.693274.73229.4112.6132 inch tv dimensions
TV size 34 inch3475.342.329.6316.673479.43431.2513.3934 inch tv dimensions
TV size 35 inch3577.543.630.5117.163581.73532.1713.7935 inch tv dimensions
TV size 36 inch3679.744.831.3817.653684.036.033.0914.1836 inch tv dimensions
TV size 37 inch3781.946.132.2518.143786.437.034.0114.5837 inch tv dimensions
TV size 38 inch3884.147.333.1218.633888.73834.9314.9738 inch tv dimensions
TV size 39 inch3986.3447.3233.9919.123991.13935.8515.3639 inch tv dimensions
TV size 40 inch4088.649.834.8619.614093.44036.7715.7640 inch tv dimensions
TV size 41 inch4190.851.135.7320.104195.741.037.6816.1541 inch tv dimensions
TV size 42 inch429352.336.6120.594298.14238.616.5442 inch tv dimensions
TV size 43 inch4395.253.537.4821.0843100.443.039.5216.9443 inch tv dimensions
TV size 44 inch4497.454.838.3521.5744102.744.040.4417.3344 inch tv dimensions
TV size 45 inch4599.656.039.2222.0645105.145.041.3617.7345 inch tv dimensions
TV size 46 inch4610157.340.0922.5546107.44642.2818.1246 inch tv dimensions
TV size 47 inch47104.0558.5340.9623.0447109.74743.218.5147 inch tv dimensions
TV size 49 inch49108.4861.0242.7124.0249114.44945.0419.3049 inch tv dimensions
TV size 50 inch50110.762.343.5824.5150116.750.045.9619.7050 inch tv dimensions
TV size 55 inch5512168.547.9426.9655128.45550.5521.6755 inch tv dimensions
TV size 60 inch6013274.752.2929.4260140.16055.1523.6460 inch tv dimensions
TV size 65 inch65143.9080.9456.6531.8765151.86559.7425.6065 inch tv dimensions
TV size 72 inch72159.3989.6662.7535.372168.0966.1872.0428.3672 inch tv dimensions
TV size 75 inch7516693.565.3736.7775175.17568.9429.5475 inch tv dimensions
TV size 77 inch77170.4695.8967.1137.7577179.7777.0470.7730.3377 inch tv dimensions
TV size 78 inch78172.6897.1367.9838.2478182.17871.6930.7378 inch tv dimensions
TV size 79 inch79174.8998.3868.8538.7379184.479.072.6131.1279 inch tv dimensions
TV size 84 inch84185.96104.6073.2141.1884196.18477.2133.0984 inch tv dimensions
TV size 85 inch85188.17105.8574.0841.6785198.48578.1333.4885 inch tv dimensions
TV size 86 inch86190.39107.0974.9642.1686200.7886.0579.0533.8886 inch tv dimensions
TV size 90 inch90199.24112.0778.4444.1290210.19082.7235.4590 inch tv dimensions
TV size 100 inch100221.38124.5387.1649.03100233.5100.191.9139.39100 inch tv dimensions
TV size 105 inch105232.45130.7591.5251.48105245.1105.196.5141.36105 inch tv dimensions

TV sizes in cm, How to convert inches to centimeters

One inch equals 2.54 cm. For example, a TV with a diagonal of 7 inches is 7×2.54=17.78 cm. But for simplicity, I made a table that converts inches to centimeters. The information in tabular form is more is easy to grasp. The table shows all sizes in inches from 19 to 120 inches; using the table, you can easily convert the display size diagonally from inches to centimeters and use this table to convert other sizes from inches to centimeters.

Inches to centimeters diagonal

diagonal in inchesdiagonal in cmdiagonal in inchesdiagonal in cm
19 inches to cm1948.2670 inches to cm70177.8
20 inches to cm2050.871 inches to cm71180.34
21 inches to cm2153.3472 inches to cm72182.88
22 inches to cm2255.8873 inches to cm73185.42
23 inches to cm2358.4274 inches to cm74187.96
24 inches to cm2460.9675 inches to cm75190.5
25 inches to cm2563.576 inches to cm76193.04
26 inches to cm2666.0477 inches to cm77195.58
27 inches to cm2768.5878 inches to cm78198.12
28 inches to cm2871.1279 inches to cm79200.66
29 inches to cm2973.6680 inches to cm80203.2
30 inches to cm3076.281 inches to cm81205.74
31 inches to cm3178.7482 inches to cm82208.28
32 inches to cm3281.2883 inches to cm83210.82
33 inches to cm3383.8284 inches to cm84213.36
34 inches to cm3486.3685 inches to cm85215.9
35 inches to cm3588.986 inches to cm86218.44
36 inches to cm3691.4487 inches to cm87220.98
37 inches to cm3793.9888 inches to cm88223.52
38 inches to cm3896.5289 inches to cm89226.06
39 inches to cm3999.0690 inches to cm90228.6
40 inches to cm40101.691 inches to cm91231.14
41 inches to cm41104.1492 inches to cm92233.68
42 inches to cm42106.6893 inches to cm93236.22
43 inches to cm43109.2294 inches to cm94238.76
44 inches to cm44111.7695 inches to cm95241.3
45 inches to cm45114.396 inches to cm96243.84
46 inches to cm46116.8497 inches to cm97246.38
47 inches to cm47119.3898 inches to cm98248.92
48 inches to cm48121.9299 inches to cm99251.46
49 inches to cm49124.46100 inches to cm100256.54
50 inches to cm50127101 inches to cm101256.54
51 inches to cm51129.54102 inches to cm102259.08
52 inches to cm52132.08103 inches to cm103261.62
53 inches to cm53134.62104 inches to cm104264.16
54 inches to cm54137.16105 inches to cm105266.7
55 inches to cm55139.7106 inches to cm106269.24
56 inches to cm56142.24107 inches to cm107271.78
57 inches to cm57144.78108 inches to cm108274.32
58 inches to cm58147.32109 inches to cm109276.86
59 inches to cm59149.86110 inches to cm110279.4
60 inches to cm60152.4111 inches to cm111281.94
61 inches to cm61154.94112 inches to cm112284.48
62 inches to cm62157.48113 inches to cm113287.02
63 inches to cm63160.02114 inches to cm114289.56
64 inches to cm64162.56115 inches to cm115292.1
65 inches to cm65165.1116 inches to cm116294.64
66 inches to cm66167.64117 inches to cm117297.18
67 inches to cm67170.18118 inches to cm118299.72
68 inches to cm68172.72119 inches to cm119302.26
69 inches to cm69175.26120 inches to cm120304.8

Most common sizes of TVs

For example, you want to buy a 55-inch or 65-inch TV, but you’re not sure if that size is right for you. This raises the question of how wide a 55-inch TV is and how tall a 55-inch TV is. The table below shows the most common TV sizes and diagonals. Check the screen size of your TV before you buy. My advice is to buy the largest TV that fits you; of course, there is no point in buying a TV with a 75-inch screen size if you plan to watch it from a distance of 2 meters (7 feet).

Dimensions TV, TV inches Height cm Width cm
32 inch tv dimensions in cm 39.971
40 inch tv dimensions in cm 49.888.6
42 inch tv dimensions in cm 52.393
49 inch tv dimensions in cm 61.02108.48
50 inch tv dimensions in cm 62.3110,7
55 inch tv dimensions in cm 68.5121
60 inch tv dimensions in cm 74.7132
65 inch tv dimensions in cm 80.94143.9
75 inch tv dimensions in cm 93.5166

What will size TV fit in your car?

And, of course, if you want to go to the store and buy a TV yourself, you’ll need to know what size TV will fit in your car before your trip.
But I’ll summarize all the options so you understand how you can move your TV. After all, you’ll be sorry if you buy a TV, arrive with a cart to your car, and then find that your new TV doesn’t fit in the car.

You should know that TV manufacturers stipulate that the TV must be transported upright. This is less likely to damage the TV in transit.
Can the TV be transported lying down? Although manufacturers do not recommend this, you can transport the TV this way, but you need to observe some nuances; the TV screen should be on top, and under the TV, there should be no sharp objects that can damage the TV.

Types of vehicles and the size of the TV being transported

  • Transporting a TV in a small sedan: a TV with a screen size no larger than 42 inches can be placed in the car’s interior.
  • Carrying a TV in a larger sedan: A TV with a screen size of 50 inches, rarely larger, can fit in the passenger compartment. If the rear seats can be unfolded in the car, you can carry a TV with a screen size up to 60-65 inches in the trunk.
  • Crossover: you can also carry a TV up to 60 inches in this vehicle.
  • Pickup truck: you can fit a giant TV in a pickup truck if you are prepared; in principle, you can carry a TV with a screen diagonal of 85 inches. Not all pickup trucks have the size of the cargo area to accommodate a large TV; you may have to think about how to place the TV and secure it.
  • Van: Transporting a TV in a van is the best solution; the TV can be transported upright, and these vehicles are used to deliver goods from stores.

It is necessary to consider that there is a wide variety of cars, and the interior and trunk sizes can be different. So use the TV size chart to figure out what size the TV box will be, and measure the interior or trunk of your car. Think about whether the TV box will fit in your car, and then go out and buy a TV.

TV Screen Dimensions in the picture, visualization

In this picture, I have tried to show what the size of the TV would be if it were compared to a standard A4 sheet of paper. I have made a color image and indicated the screen’s width and height in centimeters; if you are interested in inches, refer to the table above. I also want to talk about the screen sizes of TVs from different manufacturers. Screens 40 inches produce Samsung, LG 42 inches; it depends on what factories make the displays; the factory initially plans to produce displays of a specific size, so there is a difference of a few inches, especially noticeable in the screens to 50 inches, displays of larger sizes are produced in modern factories, which adhere to established standards, such as 55, 60, 65 inches. Of course, the picture does not show all the dimensions of the TV because the image is too cluttered.

The figure shows the proportions of sizes of different diagonals and also shows a standard A4 sheet with dimensions 210×297 mm. A sheet of A4 format is obtained by sequentially dividing in half a sheet of format A0, which has an area of precisely one m²: A0 = 2×A1, A1 = 2×A2, A2 = 2×A3, A3 = 2×A4. In turn, if we divide a sheet of format A4 in half, we get two sheets of format A5

As we can see from the picture like the screen size of 40 inches LCD televisions are released by Samsung and 42 inches from LG, the difference is not much more LG wide by 4 cm., And a height of 2.5 cm on. That is not essential for the buyer.


  1. Do these charts include in the height the stand or just screen size? If just screen size on average what would i include for stand?

  2. My TV needs to sit on a stand and a swivel plate, this takes 3 inches. My opening is 45 x 28. Therefore, the TV can be 45 x 25. Do your chart dimensions include the frame?

    • The table shows only the screen size, the screen frame can range from 0.3 to 1 inch, depending on the model and manufacturer of the TV.

    • Why on earth would they include the frame? Different TVs have different frame sizes. The measurements are of the screens themselves. No one can guess the thickness of your frame.

      • This is quite conventional, part of the screen is still outside the frame. In addition, display manufacturers round up the diagonal (according to mathematical rules). For example, a 50-inch screen may have a real diagonal size of 49.5 inches or 50.4, depending on the display factory.

  3. I have a recess measuring 117cm wide x 82 cm height x 24.5 deep. I would like to get a 55 in. Television. What is the best way to do this so it looks ok

    • Buy a smaller TV. You can’t just pick and choose the height and width to total 55″. 55″ will be too wide for the recess, as per the above diagram and illustration.


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