Perfect 3D Natural Motion Philips, what is it?

Technology Perfect 3D Natural Motion 

Technology Perfect 3D Natural Motion is designed to eliminate jitter on the TV screen.

The film was shot on film, usually sooner shoot in 24 frames per second, as in digital television the number of frames displayed per second more? and transferred to the viewer (50 Hz, 2 by 2 frames or 60 Hz 3 x 2 frames).

Digital SD standard provides the frame rate of 50 or 60 per second, with a special regime, added interpolated (repeated) images are transferred one by one several identical frames.

Although the films are transmitted with a frequency of 50 or 60 frames per second, the speed of movement changes with only 24 fps.

Mere repetition of images causes a distinct shake because the object does not follow a particular path.

This wording is taken from the release of the company Philips, although logical reasoning if broadcasted two identical frame jitter then what we can say.


Halo around the image appears on the TV due to the slightly different treatment of the two identical frames for his TV display or initially when creating a digital copy of the film.

Consider a variant of the TV has received exactly the same 2 frames, the first frame of the TV processes and prints to the screen image when processing indentichnogo second frame processing algorithm may change slightly and the edges of objects may be slightly shifted relative to the first frame. Here and there the picture jitter, it is not connected with the movements of the camera when shooting, but it is a problem to display your digital movies.

How Technology Perfect 3D Natural Motion Works

Technology Perfect 3D Natural Motion uses images from the digital memory for the measurement and evaluation of the movement, speed and direction of the object, then creates a new image with the corrected positions of moving objects. This ensures the smoothness and clarity without jitter regardless of which way the camera movement occurs, it is also a phrase from the press release, Philips.

In fact, the TV algorithm in comparison 2 identical frames and their joint processing that would really show 2 identical frame. Certainly when processing accounted for and following frames that would make the image smoother.

The main advantages of the technology Perfect 3D Natural Motion:

  • Excellent transmission of motion without shaking horizontally, vertically and diagonally.
  • Instant identification of the effect of jitter in dynamic scenes.
  • Significant increase in sharpness during fast scenes.
  • Excellent transmission of motion clarity with no jitter, even for very small objects.
  • Sharp image without the halo effect, which usually appears around the object moving at a detailed background


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