LG TV models number explained LED, OLED 2011-2020

LG OLED TV model number
LG OLED TV model number

LG TV Model Number Decode 2011-2020

What do LG TV model numbers mean? LG TV model number classifies the TV by type (OLED, Nano, LED), TV series, screen size, year of development and sales, type of digital tuners, design.

Decoding the serial number, SVC code TVs LG, 2010-2019: explained

LG TV model numbers in 2020

2020 – the principle of assigning a model number to an LG TV has not changed. For OLED TVs of the 2020 model, the letter X will be used instead of the number representing the year of development; an example of the marking of OLED 2020 TVs OLED65CXPUA. NanoCell TVs and LED TVs the year of development will be indicated by the letter N. The marking of the model number of the NanoCell TV has also changed and will look like 65NANO99UNA

In 2018, the labeling of LG models was slightly changed. The change is due to the unification of TVs, namely, bringing to the same labeling OLED and LED TVs.

Identification  LG TV models number, since 2018  (2018-2020)

Model Number LED TV LG, Nano Cell TV 2017-2019
Model Number LED TV LG, Nano Cell TV 2017-2019

In the model number of LG TVs in 2018-2020, the following changes occurred. Three letters PUA are added at the end of the notation (P – used in all countries (basic model), but there may be modifications with other letters, as a rule these are televisions which differ in technical characteristics from the basic model. U – type of tuner in the TV, A TV design). The year of development of the TV model in 2019 is indicated by the letter M, 2020 by the letter N. The letter L is omitted, since until 2017 on LG TVs it designated the type of TV (L is a TV with LED backlight).

TVs with NanoCell screens in 2020 receive a more extended designation. This is done by LG for faster identification of NanoCell TVs. NanoCell LG TV labeling example in 2020, 65NANO99UNA

NANO TV Model Numbers since 2020

NANO TV Model Numbers 2020
NANO TV Model Numbers 2020

Explain what the LG model number means.

Now let’s see what information can be obtained from the model number of the LG TV. If you know what the TV model number means, this will greatly simplify the choice of TV. And you are more likely to become the owner of a TV that you like.

  • 65 – screen size diagonal inches
  • S – TV type or series. Since 2020, a separate labeling has been introduced for NanoCell TVs.

How to find out what year the TV

  • K – what year is my tv? (K-2018)
    • 2020 – N
    • 2019 – M
    • 2018 – K
    • 2017 – J
    • 2016 – H
    • 2015 – F, G
    • 2014 – B, C
    • 2013 – N, A
    • 2012 – W, M, S
    • 2011 – V

TV series, model in a series, modification

  • 9 – series, according to the old TV classification (5-9 series)
  • 5 – model in the series
  • 00 – modification

Country for which the TV was made, type of digital tuners, design

  • P – This designation applies to the base model. If the TV has any differences in the software or in the specifications, a different letter is assigned, for example, in the USA with the designation AUA, these are televisions without support for wireless speakers.
  • U – type of digital tuner
    • U – ATSC, Clear QAM (USA, Canada, Mexico)
    • L – DVB T / T2 / T2HD / C / S / S2 (Europe, Turkey, Russia)
    • N – ATSC 3.0-ATSC 1.0. (South Korea)
    • S – SBTVD (Brazil, Argentina, Chile)
    • J – BS 110 (Japan)
    • V – DVB-T2 / C / S2 (Saudi Arabia, OAE, Kuwait, South Africa)
    • T – MPEG-2/4 DVB-T2 (Australia, Singapore, India)
    • No – DVB-T2 / C / S2 (New Zealand)
    • C – DTMB (China, Hong Kong)
  • A – design

Identifying LG OLED TV model numbers 2016-2020

LG OLED TV model number
LG OLED TV model number

The designation of the model number, LG OLED TVs – contains the following information about the TV. OLED – type of TV

  • OLED – type of TV
  • 65 is the size of the TV screen in inches diagonally.
  • C – TV model B, C, E, W TVs with a resolution of 4K, and the lower the alphabet, the TV has more options and a more complex design. Since 2019, two modifications of the R TV have been added – the TV screen is rolled up and Z-TVs with a resolution of 8K.
  • 8 – the year of development of the TV model, corresponds to the last digit of the year, 2018. Since 2020, the letter X is used.
    • X– 2020
    • 9 – 2019
    • 8 – 2018
    • 7 – 2017
    • 6 – 2016
  • PUA – described above.

LG TV old model number 2011-2017 decode explained


In 2020, the expansion of the 8K TV lineup, the new third-generation processors, the expansion of the NanoCell TV lineup. Since 2020, LG has expanded the number of premium OLED and NanoCell models.


In 2019, LG TVs get the following improvements, connecting to Alexa and Google Assistant not only in top models but also in the middle class. LG launches OLED TV with 8K resolution. Also, LG in OLED and S series, will install the new Alpha 9 processor of the second generation. Although it is not worth paying special attention to processors in TVs that are much weaker than processors in modern phones, therefore, TV manufacturers do not indicate which processor is taken as the basis for manufacturing a processor to a TV.


In 2018, the marking is slightly changed, it will be the same for all televisions regardless of the region. In this regard, three letters in the marking (PUA, PLA, PLB, WNA) are added and they will denote the region for which the TV is released, the type of tuner and the change in design elements, for example, stands.

In the second half of 2018, not only PUA, but also SLC TV sets went on sale, TV sets with the designation S are offered in the UK and Singapore, and AUA in the USA, according to LG, are similar TV models.

The next change from LG was the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence TV w / AI ThinQ® and the possibility of connecting the TV to this service. This will allow you to control various devices in the house, for example via a remote control or via the Internet.

Also noteworthy is the introduction of support for broadcasting standards that support 4K, in Korea, televisions have an ATSC 3.0 UHD tuner. In Japan, it is planned to start satellite broadcasting of the 4K and 8K standard. For this, a new standard BS 110 has been developed.


LG continues to position OLED TVs as a separate line of products with its own labeling, in the OLED labeling of TVs 6 has changed to 7 (the year of model development or the start of sales). Also, the term “SUPER UHD TV” was introduced, so now TV models with improved Nano CELL screens are called.


In 2016, TVs received the letter H designating the year the model was developed, some of the TVs are called the Super TV line. This model supports HDR. LG also took the decision to OLED TVs to assign a new marking that would tell the buyer that he chooses the OLED TV. OLED TVs are labeled for example OLED65B6V

OLED – the type designation of the matrix made at the beginning of the model number

  • 65 – the matrix size of the screen
  • B – design
  • 6 – year development of the model 2016
  • V – digital type tuner, V- DVB T2 / C / S2, P – ATSC, ISDB, D – DVB-T / T2 HD / C / S / S2, J – DVB T2 / C / S2


LG TVs this year received the letter F in the designation.

  • EG – 4K OLED TV with a curved screen display with 4 color matrix.
  • EF – 4K OLED TV, OLED flat-screen TV
  • UF-flat-screen TV and a resolution of UHD.
  • LF– TV with Full HD resolution.


 the principle of marking has changed a bit, if TV 2013 with 3D function and without, different markings (LN, LA) that in 2014, all TVs have the same alphabetic labeling, namely the letter B.

  • UB-TVs with 4K UHD.
  • LB -TVs with Full HD.
  • UC– such labeling get a TV with curved screen
  • EC TVs with OLED screens.

Division by a series of LG TV is similar to Samsung, also the division into a series of 4 to 9.

The principle of labeling is that the first digit after the letters refers to the series of the TV. Year development of TV series can be identified by a letter designation, a little more entanglement than the same samsung there strictly letter F-2013, H-2014, the LG necessary to pay attention to the second letter. But in general, is not difficult to understand and to any year of production include the TV can be knowing the principle of marking TVs LG.

Division by a series of very brief

  • 4 series TVs with a small screen sizes
  • 5 Series TVs with screens up to 50 inches without 3D.
  • 6 series of 3D televisions and screens up to 60 inches, the most common.
  • 7 Series TVs are similar to the 6 series but with improved characteristics, indices of dynamic scenes and screens.
  • 8 Series -TV similar to the 7 Series but fully-equipped accessories like the camera for Skype.
  • 9 series TVs are similar to 8 series but with huge screens 80-100 inches.

  • 2016 – UH
  • 2015LF, UF, EG
  • 2014-LB, UB
  • 2013-LN, LA, PN
  • 2012-LW, LM, PA, PM, LS
  • 2011-LV

 TV LG old model number 
42LB620V (2014)

  • 42 screen size in inches 42хххххх
  • P plasma 32Рххххх
    • CLCD lights on lamps 32Сххххх
    • LLCD LED lights 32Lххххх
    • LBYear TV 32LBхххх
  • 6xxTV series, the more numbers the more opportunities a TV.
  • 620 – TV model in the series the higher the number the more features a TV, in series.
  • 620 – modification of the model differences in the design of the TV is usually in color frame or rack


  • T,C, S, V
  • Т-  digital tuner DVB-T
  • C– digital tuner DVB-С
  • S-digital tuner DVB-S2/T/C
  • V-digital tuner


  • If at the end of  U, B– TV has a HD resolution and not Full HD such matrices are placed only in televisions with screens up to 32 inches.

Due to the fact that, since 2014, in TV tuners We establish all, the specification from 2014 the availability of digital tuners do not specify


Letter designations do not apply, the standard ATSC digital television there is no need to specify.


  1. For which country is then “3” LG OLED48CX3LB?
    Can anybody decrypt the last letter which describes the design (A, B, C)?

    • 3 – TV for Poland and Latvia
      A, B, С – these are minor changes between models, in principle not to be ignored.
      OLED 48CX – is available in the following versions

  2. Hi, good info, in the UK we have the CX6LA and CX5LB, LG support said they have different internal boards, not sure how much truth there is to that?

    • Yes it is possible, TVs have the same technical specifications. But boards can be made by different manufacturers. For this, different model numbers are used.

  3. The last 3 symbol clarification is not longer complete in 2020 since the new 2020 (X) models have a number AFTER the X where the region is supposed to be. Right now I am looking at 3 variations: CX9LA, CX8LC and CX9LB. Could you please explain those? Because the price is wildly different between those but they are all sold in the same store

    • CX9LA
      C – model TV
      X – 2020
      8 – TV for Germany, 9-TV for Austria
      A,C,B-minor design changes


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