LG in 2022 has decided to expand its lineup of OLED TVs a bit. In addition to the usual series of 2022, such as A2, B2, C2 appeared OLED TVs CS series, now I will tell you about the differences between these models of TVs


What can be said about the CX series OLED TVs, it is a reincarnation of the 2021 C1 model, I think LG planned to sell many C1 series TVs, but actually sold less. Continuing to make 2021 TVs in the next 2022 is not a good idea either. So it was decided to produce an intermediate CS series from the remaining components. If I’m right, this model will disappear from stores by the end of the year. The CS model is offered in three screen sizes 77, 65, 55 inches. These screen sizes are the most popular screen sizes produced.

The main differences between the CS series OLED TVs from the C2 series

The first thing to notice is the design, the design follows that of the C1, which in turn means that the layout of the main board is the same as the previous C1 2021.

The second thing I noticed is that the weight of the CS series TV is greater than that of the C2 model, and matches the weight of the C1 series TV. Given that the OLED panel makes up most of the weight of the TV, this means that the TVs have previous generation panels. This is most likely the case since the C2 2022 TVs are EVO TVs with increased brightness. For clarity, I’ll list the weight of the TVs in the table, with the weight of the TVs listed without the stand.

Model TV/size inch.837765554842
C2 32,320,814,812,714,99

Note the following differences between the CS series and the C2 series

  • The CS series comes with the LG Magic Remote AN-MR22GA, which is a remote without NFC. The C2 model is equipped with the Magic AN-MR22GN remote with NFC.
  • The CS model is equipped with a fifth-generation WiFi module, up to 6 Gbps. The C2 has a sixth-generation WiFi module with up to 10Gbps possible speed. The speed depends on the number of antennas involved. Generation 5 and 6 WiFi is based on the principle of parallel transmission of information with subsequent packet merging. In reality, the speed on the TV will be several Gbit per second, which is higher than on a wired local Internet network, in the LAN port of the TV only 100mbit.
  • Power consumption of CS is almost the same, slightly higher by 5% than C2, this difference can be related to the screens of different generations, although 5% is a statistical measurement error, you should know that the power consumption of TV depends on many factors, such as brightness level, viewed content (CPU resources for video processing) volume level. Therefore, it is safe to say that the TVs have the same level of power consumption.

The cost of OLEDC2 vs OLEDCS

The CS series TVs are a few hundred euros cheaper than the C2 model. For example, the CS model with a 65-inch screen is 200 euros cheaper than the C2 model.

Summary OLED CS vs OLED CS2 which TV is better to buy.

The main difference, of course, is the OLED panel, do not forget about the disadvantages of OLED reduced brightness and the possibility of burnout panel, so EVO panel with higher brightness is more preferable, as it is a new generation display. The lack of NFC support in the remote doesn’t really matter to me. NFC makes it easier to use the TV, but the same can be done with the menu on the TV. The design has remained the same lately, with the screen taking up 98% of the visible area of the TV, and the bezel around the screen is no different. I would choose the OLED C2 because of the EVO screen.

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