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Protecting the screen of your LG OLED TV

You should know that OLED TVs have their own peculiarities, OLED displays age over time, and the more you watch TV, the faster the...

Samsung QD OLED – here’s what you need to know

QD OLED vs OLED The situation with Samsung OLED TVs is quite interesting. If you open Samsung’s website in the U.S. and look for OLED...
What is the difference between LED vs OLED display

What is the difference between LED vs OLED display?

OLED is the future of display technology. But don't discount LEDs just yet.

Troubleshooting TV LG OLED, LED, NANO

Modern TV is quite a complex device, but, nevertheless, the manufacturer tries as much as possible to make the TV control accessible. But if...

LG OLED CS vs OLED C2 Differences

LG in 2022 has decided to expand its lineup of OLED TVs a bit. In addition to the usual series of 2022, such as...

Who makes OLED TVs: List of OLED TV manufacturers

OLED TVs were launched in 2016 and since then have occupied a niche in the TV market. Now, as for 2021, many companies are...

LG OLED G1 vs LG OLED GX: comparison and the differences

OLED LG TV GX vs OLED LG TV G1 As LG unveiled new TV models for 2021, many people are wondering about the differences between...

What is LG TV OLED Evo Display Explained

In 2021 LG has introduced the new OLED Evo displays. The company claims that this technology can improve the user experience and the picture...

LG TV models number explained LED, OLED 2011-2020

LG TV Model Number Decode 2011-2020 What do LG TV model numbers mean? LG TV model number classifies the TV by type (OLED, Nano, LED), TV...

Difference between OLED CX8LB vs CX9LA

CX9LA vs CX8LB TVs, explained There are several models of CX OLED TVs produced by LG as of 2020. These are the CX9LA and CX8LB...