LG TV serial number, SVC code decoder, 2000-2030 explained


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How to decode LG TV Serial Number? Each TV set has a serial number, this number is individual and never repeats. In LG TVs, the serial number is not only individual, but also contains information about the factory where the TV was produced and the date of TV production.

What does the serial number and SVC in LG TV mean?

Serial number of LG TV, although it does not carry a lot of information, nevertheless, allows you to know the exact date of release of the TV, as well as in what country it was collected. The rest of the information about the TV, though there is a serial number, but not available to the average user. It is designed for service centers and quality control of TV components. For example, it is possible to find out the batch of components by the serial number, let’s say screens. And in case of contacting the user service centers, the information about the repair can be tracked for further analysis and quality control.

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What is the SVC code (service code)

Also, the TV is assigned a SVC code (service code) or product code. This code is required service centers in case of repair of the TV. The service code contains information about the TV model, as well as what components are used in assembling the TV, the country or region for which the TV was made. This information is practically not needed by users. The only useful information in the product code indicates the country for which the TV is assembled. There may be differences in software between TVs for different countries.

Where to find the serial number of the TV LG

Where to find the serial number of the TV LG and SVC code. The TV serial number and product code is placed behind the TV on the sticker. But in addition, in modern TVs you can find out information about the serial number and code from the TV menu.

LG TV serial number check, LG TV serial number lookup

How to check the serial number of the LG TV? You can check the LG serial number when you register your TV on the LG website. During registration, the serial number is searched according to the manufacturer’s database. But as a rule, checking the code is necessary when buying a new TV.

LG TV serial number decoder means, explained

Serial number, TV LG 604RMMD8U923 explain, decode

LG manufacture date from serial number

The first digit is the year of production of the TV, denoted by one digit.

  • 9 – 2019
  • 8 – 2018
  • 7 – 2017
  • 6 – 2016
  • 5 – 2015
  • 4 – 2014
  • 3 – 2013
  • 2 – 2012
  • 1 – 2011
  • 0 – 2010

The next two digits mean the month in which the 604RMMD8U923 TV was produced.

How to find out where the LG TV is made? At which factory is the LG TV assembled

RM – factory code on which the TV was assembled. LG factories that produce televisions are assigned the following codes 604RMMD8U923

  • RM – Mexico
  • MX – Mexico
  • MA – Poland
  • WR – Poland
  • IN – Indonesia
  • RN – Korea
  • KC – Korea
  • RA – Russia
  • ND – China

MD8U923 – in the designation, there is information about which line of the conveyor the TV was assembled in and in which shift, as well as other characters that make the TV number unique.

Serial numbers on TVs are not just numbers, serial numbers are registered on the manufacturer’s website by the users themselves, and a list of serial numbers is entered into the database of service services. And when contacting the repair service, the serial number determines for which country the TV was manufactured and whether it is subject to warranty repair. By serial numbers, manufacturers monitor the build quality of TVs in their factories.

Example of decoding SVC code of LG TVs


  • OLED55B6P – TV model
  • U – may be two letters, indicate the region for which the TV is made.
  • BUSWLJR – the code which contains the following information
    • B – Supplier of electronics for TV.
    • US is the country for which the television is produced. Country designation generally conforms to the international standard abbreviation of a country. In this case, the United States. But if the TV is made for several countries, the designation may be different, for example, for Europe, the designation EU is used.
    • WLJR – the type of matrix screen manufacturer, as well as information from other manufacturers of components for the TV.


    • It may be a very old TV set, and it is impossible to know the model number of the TV set from the serial number. We do not know the serial number you specified.

      • 006NZMM03379, here is the TV code, seems is old version as you said (2010), cant figure out is from which country. Help me please

          • Thank you for a prompt response. I getting hard time to understand this serial number and model number. TV I was shown has a serial number 006NZMM03379 at the back of the TV which means was made in 2010. Then in a TV settings, shows TV model is 55UK62000PCA which means was made in 2016. Which one should I take into consideration?

            • We recommend you to read our article LG TV models number explained LED, OLED 2011-2020
              55 – diagonal inch
              U – UHD LED
              K – model 2018
              6 – series
              0 – model
              00 – Modification
              P – basic model
              С – digital tuner DTMB (China)
              A – Design

              006NZMM03379 TV set made in June 2020

              But this is most likely a non-original LG TV. By the following signs,
              1) LG does not indicate the day of production, only the month.
              2. LG does not produce models of TV sets for more than one year. Production of televisions in 2018, ceased in the spring of 2019.
              3. LG even for China prints the label in English.

              This is a replica of LG TV
              G004204043FF is the serial number of the main board.

    • Simple look at the label glued to the back of the TV. Samsung indicates in which country the TV is assembled. If the label is missing, tell us what model number your TV has.

        • Most likely, the TV was assembled in Vietnam.
          Since 2019, Samsung stopped assembling TVs in Korea. Plants have been moved to Asian countries, one of the most promising countries for manufacturers, Vietnam.

        • Yes KK is made in Korea, previously this factory (or production line) assembled monitors with TV tuners for Korea. It is quite possible that now TVs are also assembled there.

    • 0 – 2010 or 2020 year
      06 – June
      MF – we don’t know which country the TV is assembled in.


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