Types of HDMI ports HDMI STB vs HDMI DVI vs HDMI ARC vs HDMI MHL designation, description, different HDMI ports


When we tell about a features   of connectors  in TV, declared  4 HDMI connectors. A more detailed study is that the connectors HDMI, e.g. Samsung has also addition marking of HDMI connectors: STB, DVI, ARC, MHL, what is it? And why use such a designation.

As a rule, all connectors on the TV are absolutely the same functionality and division into types (STB, MHL, ARC, DVI) is purely conventional (except MHL) and is intended to facilitate the selection of the user where that include, for example, a video player. In order that would have connectors designed for different purposes, such as one connector should be standard 1.3, in time when  other is 1.4, only in this case they will have different functionality. However,  some companies use diferrent types of HDMI.

MHL-this is an additional protocol video from mobile devices to the TV, and even if does not support the HDMI MHL video may be transmitted by the active adapter.

HDMI is dependent on the type of controller for signal processing (version HDMI).

HDMI connector is use for the transmission of multimedia, and easier to say digital video and audio signals from one device to another.

Types of HDMI Ports

HDMI STB port explained

What is HDMI STB? This HDMI input and having the designation HDMI in1 (STB) is designed to connect consoles, like as xBOX or PlayStation or receiver. But this port is also possible to connect any device. HDMI STB is just a label that helps the user to determine the port to which the receiver, player, and game console can be connected.

This STB name comes from the time when various consoles and other devices were used with TVs. They looked like a box that was usually laid on top of a kinescope TV. And so the name set top box abbreviated STB.

HDMI DVI port explained

What is HDMI DVI? This type of HDMI  is HDMI in 2 (DVI) and  use to connect to the TV computer or using TV as a display . The feauture of this connection is that the sound that DVI is unable to be  transmissed. In the HDMI standard 1.4 and newer versions  audio transmission is possible. The HDMI port supports audio, but does not support DVI on the computer. HDMI DVI ordinary port, the inscription only as an aid, you can connect any device to this port. And not just a computer.

HDMI ARC port explained

What is HDMI ARC? HDMI port with HDMI in3 reverse audio channel (ARC). This is a standard HDMI port of one of the standards. A feature of HDMI (ARC) is the ability to transmit sound from a TV via an HDMI cable.

The return channel will allow you to receive a signal from the air and output sound via HDMI to the connected speakers, but in uncompressed format only stereo. 5.1 sound format is transmitted only in compressed format. In modern HDMI 2.1 standards, the quality of sound transmission is improved, the ability to transmit 5.1 standard sound and even 7.1 not in compressed format is implemented.

Note that although the HDMI standard also stipulates support for the return audio channel, manufacturers sometimes save and with ARC they only make one port on the TV.

Cable Used HDMI HDMI with Ethernet
StereoSupport Yes Yes
Compressed 5.1 Yes Yes
Uncompressed 5.1 No Yes
Uncompressed 7.1 No Yes
High Bitrate & object based up to 192 kHz, 24 bit (Dolby Atmos, DTS) No Yes
Maximum Audio Bandwidth 1 Mbit/s 37Mbit/s
Discovery CEC eARC data channel
eARC Capability CEC eARC data channel
Lip Sync Correction Optional Mandatory
TV Mutes &Controls Volume Yes Yes
Powering TV Powers Adio Device Yes Yes
ARC Fallback No Yes

In the new standard HDMI 2.1, a new designation of the reverse audio channel EARC has appeared. In EARC, the capacity of the HDMI port is increased and back it became possible to transfer not only 7.1 sound but also Dolby and DTS sound.

HDMI MHL Port explained

What is HDMI MHL? The port of  HDMI in4 (MHL) mobile high-definition link, is used to connect to a TV and smartphone display on a television pictures or video directly from your smartphone. This connection has been implemented to the TV’s HDMI interface and USB smartphone. Function is supported by the TV, and connect your smartphone MHL, in this case for video transmission needs a passive cable and it is possible to control your smartphone using from the TV. If for example the HDMI TV does not support MHL a smart phone can also be connected but it is necessary to use an active adapter with external power supply, in this case, you can watch the video, but you can not control the tv smartphone.

MHL connection allows you to connect your phone to your TV without any additional software

Table features different versions of HDMI

  HDMI version
1.0 1.1 1.2–1.2a 1.3–1.3a 1.4–1.4b 2.0–2.0b 2.1
Full HD Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD video Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Consumer Electronic Control (CEC) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
DVD-Audio No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Super Audio CD (DSD) No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto lip-sync No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dolby TrueHD / DTS-HD Master Audio bitstream capable No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Updated list of CEC commands No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
3D video No No No No Yes Yes Yes
Ethernet channel (100 Mbit/s) No No No No Yes Yes Yes
Audio return channel (ARC) No No No No Yes Yes Yes
4 audio streams No No No No No Yes Yes
2 video streams (Dual View) No No No No No Yes Yes
Perceptual Quantizer (PQ) HDR OETF (SMPTE ST 2084) No No No No No Yes Yes
Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) HDR OETF No No No No No Yes Yes
Static HDR metadata (SMPTE ST 2086) No No No No No Yes Yes
Dynamic HDR metadata (SMPTE ST 2094) No No No No No No Yes
Enhanced audio return channel (eARC) No No No No No No Yes
Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) No No No No No No Yes
Quick Media Switching (QMS) No No No No No No Yes
Quick Frame Transport (QFT) No No No No No No Yes
Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) No No No No No No Yes
Display Stream Compression (DSC) No No No No No No Yes


  1. If the soundbar has an HDMI Arc port and is connected to a TV with HDMI and an HDMI DVI port, can they be interfaced with a high speed HDMI cable?


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