If you have a Samsung washer or dryer and want to know how old it is, or if you’ve decided to buy a used washing machine, you need to know what year it is. After all, washing machines have a 12-15-year lifespan, and buying a machine that has already served its time doesn’t make sense. You can find this out by the serial number, which in its structure contains important information about the washing machine, including the date of production.

What Samsung washing machine serial number means

The serial number of your Samsung washing machine is not just a bunch of numbers and letters. The serial number contains some pretty useful information. If you are interested in when your washer or dryer was manufactured, you can find this information in the serial number. You can read the serial number and find out the information you need.

A little bit about the model number and serial number. The model number of washing machines indicates the year when the model was designed and launched, since washing machines don’t evolve that much, one washing machine model can be produced for several years. You should know that Samsung produces washer or dryer models from 3 to 5 years old, and it is quite possible that you will find a washer model in the store that was developed three or even five years ago, the serial number indicates the production date with details down to the month, and you can see when the washer came off the assembly line.

How to find the model number and serial number of your Samsung washing machine

You may need the serial number when contacting a service center or if you want to know when your washer or dryer was manufactured. This is especially true if you bought a home with appliances. If your washer is broken, you can ask if it’s worth repairing, how old it is, if it might be cheaper to just buy a new washer.

Samsung washer serial number lookup, front-loading washer

Samsung places one sticker on the back of the washer, less often on the side, and another informational sticker under the loader hatch. Stickers may vary in shape and content. The shape of the sticker depends on the factory where the washing machine is manufactured. The information sticker under the door is placed for the user’s convenience, and the model number and serial number of the washing machine can be easily seen on it.

Samsung washer serial number lookup

Samsung washer serial number lookup, top-loading washer

Samsung washers and dryers with an upright load have a sticker with the model number and serial number on the back of the washer. Sometimes you can find another sticker under the hatch door, but this sticker is usually very quickly erased, and it is very difficult to read the information. In most cases, it was never there at all. So if you want information, you’ll have to move the washer and look at the back of it.

Samsung washing machine serial number decode explained

The serial number of your washing machine, like other Samsung products, consists of 15 digits. An example of the serial number is shown above, in our case it is the serial number 0FF95AEH403442K, and now I will tell you how to read the information about your washer or dryer.

Samsung washing machine serial number structure

The serial number consists of several main parts. Washing machine code, washing machine information and serial production number.

  • OFF9 is the first part of the serial number, the washing machine code, it contains information about which factories supplied the washing machine parts to assemble the finished product. It is used only by the service centers or quality department.
  • 5AEH4 the next part of the serial number, the information part, you can find out information about the washer or dryer.
    • 5 – 5 and indicates that it is a laundry appliance. At Samsung, the number 5 is assigned to washers and dryers.
    • A – The sixth symbol is the code of the factory where the appliance is made. Each factory has its own code, and you can use it to find out which country your washing machine was assembled in. You should know that for North America, washing machines are assembled in Mexico and in the USA. For Europe, washing machines are assembled in Poland.
    • E – factory assembly line number, this information is needed by the service centers to identify which assembly line the washing machine was manufactured.
    • H – the year of manufacture of the washer or dryer.
    • 4 – month of manufacture of the washer or dryer.
  • 03442K – serial number, the last 6 digits, is the information about the number of the washing machine produced at the assembly line.

How to find out what country your Samsung washing machine is made in

The fifth digit is the code of the factory where the washing machine was assembled, by this symbol you can determine which country the washing machine was manufactured, although Samsung usually writes the country of origin of the washing machine on the information sticker.

  • A – China
  • D – Thailand
  • 3, 4 – Korea
  • L – Russia
  • W- China
  • B – Mexico
  • E – Poland
  • 7 – US
  • N – Vietnam
  • Z – India

How to know when my Samsung washing machine is made

And here is the most interesting information – you can find out the age of your washing machine.
The numbers 8 and 9 are the year and month in which the washing machine came off the assembly line. The year of manufacture of the washing machine Samsung is indicated only by a letter, a list of correspondence of the letter to the year of manufacture is given below.


Since there are 12 months in the year, not only numbers but also letters are used to denote them.

  • 1 – January
  • 2 – February
  • 3 – March
  • 4 – April
  • 5 – May
  • 6 – June
  • 7 – July
  • 8 – August
  • 9 – September
  • A – October
  • B – November
  • C – December

Samsung washer and dryer production date code (table)

year / monthJanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJunejulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember
code; year / month123456789ABC
1990MM 1M 2M 3M 4M5M6M7M8M9MAMBMC
1991A A 1A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 A9 AA AB AC

You may ask why I need to know what year my washing machine was manufactured. If your washing machine works fine, then of course you are not interested in this information, but if you need to appeal to a service center. Information about the date of manufacture will be necessary to prepare an appeal. Also, you should know that the life of modern washing machines 7-10 years, if your washing machine is more than 10 years, the cost of repairs can be very high and it is economical to buy a new one.

Image archive of Samsung washing machine serial numbers

Samsung washing machine serial number
Samsung washing machine serial number

we keep the structure of the Samsung washing machine serial number up to date and periodically update the information. We save old images.

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  1. -Samsung Washer
    Model: WA48J777OAP/A2
    Serial: 0E6F5AEG806313D

    -Samsung Dryer
    Serial: 0E655AUG400079R

    • Model: WA48J777OAP/A2 start of sales 2015
      0E6F5AEG806313D – production date August 2015

      Model:DV48J777OGP/A2 start of sales 2015
      0E655AUG400079R – production date April 2015

    • Unfortunately, I do not know. If you have access to the information sticker look at it Samsung usually writes where the washing machine was assembled.

  2. Hi,
    Your site is insightful. I am planning to buy a Samsung washing machine online, I see the model number Samsung WW90T554AAW/S2 . Can you tell what is /S2 stands for.


  3. I have most of the serial number from my Samsung Front Load washing machine and want to get parts or get it fixed I have X91354ASB00876 MISSING THE LAST DIGIT

    • SB – november 2009
      To find the right part, you need to know the model number of the washing machine. Given the date of manufacture, we can assume that the washing machine has reached the end of its service life. It may be more appropriate to buy a new one.

  4. Do you happen to know if there is a way to figure out if certain models or serial numbers were shipped to a particular retailer (home depot, lowe’s, best buy, etc)?

    • This is Samsung internal information, usually manufacturers keep records, but this information is not freely available.

  5. The year in the serial number of my washer is designated as an F, which is not on your chart. The model is WF42H5600AW/A2 Serial #0BEW5AEF404275P
    What year was my machine built? I’m looking to purchase drawer/stand accessories for both the washer and dryer. Do I need a particular model or are the accessories universal to all machines?

    • It is most likely the letter E (E4) April 2014, not F4. Yes, if you buy parts and accessories, they should match your washing machine model.

  6. My washer is a Samsung Steam Moisture Sensor HE. The Model #DV42H5200GW/A3
    Serial #0ABJ5BBF400778E
    Can you please tell me what year it was made? Thank you.

  7. Hi
    How can I found that my waching machine is orginal?
    Is any way to check the serial number by Samsung website?

  8. My washing machine is IFB EXECUTIVE PLUS VX ID having serial number 02347721011605741. Does it belong to 2021 model ??

  9. WD70M4443JW Washer Dryer with Air Wash 7.0Kg/5.0Kg

    how can we find model year for this product WD70M4443JW/TL

  10. I need to know if my samsung STEAM dryer is still under warenty model # DV365ETBGWR/AC

    Seriel # JLDF5BBF900802A

  11. my washer has a F for the 8th digit.there is no f on your chart for year built. also 5th digit is 5,there is no 5 for country built on your chart .what the f is up


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