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What do the letters and numbers in the model number of a Samsung washing machine mean?

Samsung washing machines have model numbers; from the model number of the washing machine, you can learn the main parameters of the device and the year of development. But in some countries, it is more common to designate washing machines with a simplified name, which indicates only the series of the washing machine, for example, washing machine WW6500, WW7500. But you should know that washing machines presented in such a designation on the store’s website still have the whole model number. 

Samsung washer serial number lookup

There are several ways to find out the model number of your washing machine:

  1. Do you still have the documents for the washing machine issued by the store? Look in the papers, especially in the warranty sheet, which will indicate the washing machine’s model.
  2. If you bought a washing machine in an online store, you could see the purchase history; you can find the model number there.
  3. The model number of the Samsung washing machine is indicated on the information sticker located on the washing machine.

We will tell you in more detail where you can find the model number of your washing machine. Since the washing machine is quite heavy and can be installed stationary, the manufacturer thought of that. There are two stickers on the washing machine with the model and serial numbers.

  1. The first sticker with the information is taped to the back of the washing machine. But if access is not possible, you can use the second method.
  2. The second sticker is glued under the door to load the laundry. Look closer at the mounting hinges under the top hatch if you have a top-loading washing machine. 
second sticker is glued under the door
second sticker is glued under the door

Samsung washing machine model number: available information from the model number.

  • The model number of the washing machine Samsung contains information about technical parameters and other information; here is a brief explanation of the available information in the model number.
  • Type of washing machine, there are several options, front loading, top loading, drying, combined, all differences are indicated by the appropriate letter.
  • The quantity of laundry that can be washed at one time, in Europe, this parameter is usually designated by weight of laundry in kg, in North America by tank volume in cubic feet.
  • The year of development of a washing machine model is denoted by the appropriate letter A-2021, T-2020, R- 2019, N-2018, M-2017, K-2016, J-2015, H-2014, F-2013. Not to be confused with the year of manufacture, the washing machine model can be manufactured for several years, and buying a washing machine with the designation of the year of manufacture K-2016 year may well be that such a washing machine was released in 2018.
  • Series of washing machines, the more the number, the more technology used in the washing machine.
  • Spin speed (maximum) in all washing machines; you can set the desired spin speed below the stated.
  • Design, it mainly comes down to the color of the washing machine and the color of the door, in some kinds of marking may provide for the modification of the electronic control.
  • The country for which the washing machine was produced. Read more about the designation of the country where the washing machine was manufactured at the end of the article.

Model numbers of Samsung washing machines with explanations by example

Below is a picture where you can clearly understand how the model number of the Samsung washing machine is constructed.
There are several markings of washing machines; in the presented marking, the first two types are used in Europe, Africa, and Asia. The third type is in North and South America.

Samsung washing machine model number decoding
Samsung washing machine model number decoding

Samsung washing machine model number decoding example (Europe)

The first type of Samsung washing machine model number WW80J5410GW/LP

  • WW – washing machine
    • WD – washing machine with dryer.
  • 80 – maximum weight of laundry for washing
    • 50-5kg,
    • 60-6kg,
    • 70-7kg,
    • 80-8kg,
    • 90-9kg,
    • 112-11.2kg

What year is my Samsung washing machine

  • J – is the year the model was developed. It is not the production date, but the year the washing machine went into production. Washing machines of one model can be produced for three years, and incredibly successful models even more. If you need to know the specific date of manufacture, look at the serial number to have information about the date of manufacture. This principle of marking the year of manufacture of household appliances is also used in other Samsung products. You should also know that Samsung reused the symbols after 13 years; this is not a mistake; no washing machine has been manufactured that long, so you can tell from the model plus the serial number what period the washing machine is.
    • B – 2022
    • A – 2021
    • T – 2020
    • 2019
    • N – 2018
    • M – 2017
    • K – 2016
    • J – 2015
    • H – 2014
    • F – 2013
    • E – 2012
    • D – 2011
    • С – 2010
    • B – 2009
    • A – 2008
  • 5– Series of washing machines, the higher the series, the more functions the technique has; for example, a washing machine, five series seven programs, eight series has 15 programs, and nine feature soaking and automatic cleaning.
  • 4 – the number of maximum spin speeds for the laundry
    • 8 – 800,
    • 0 – 1000,
    • 2 – 1200,
    • 4 – 1400 rpm
    • 6 –  1600.
  • 10 – design
  • G – door color
  • W – The color of the washing machine body

How to know what country the Samsung washing machine is made for

  • PL – This is information about which country the washing machine is made for. Samsung uses this information to control the supply of products and warranty services. But if you want to know what country the washing machine was assembled in, you need the serial number.
    • EU – UK
    • EF – France
    • EC – Spain
    • EO – Poland
    • EP – Portugal
    • ET – Italy
    • EG – Germany
    • SA – Australia, New Zealand
    • SH – Hong Kong
    • SP – Singapore
    • ZA – South Africa
    • US – USA
    • A1-A5- Canada
    • AX – Mexico
    • AZ – Brazil
    • AH – Turkey
    • LP – Russia
    • LE – Slovenia

Before 2013, washing machines had a different designation. Since 2014, Samsung washing machine model numbers have been unified. Samsung has streamlined the model numbers of its products.

The second type of Samsung washing machine model number WW10M86KNOA/LP

Now I will tell you how to decode the second type of model number used in Europe; it is slightly different from the first.

  • WW – washing machine
    • WD – washing machine with dryer.
  • 80 – maximum weight of laundry for washing
    • 50 – 5kg,
    • 60 – 6kg,
    • 70 – 7kg,
    • 80 – 8kg,
    • 90 – 9kg,
    • 10 – 10kg
    • 12 – 12kg
  • M – The letter indicates the year of development of the washing machine model. I have told you in more detail before, so I will not repeat it.
  • 8 – series
  • 6 – spin
    • 8 – 800
    • 10 – 1000
    • 12 – 1200
    • 14 – 1400
    • 16 – 1600
  • N – type of washing machine control
  • OA – design (color)
  • /LP – region

Third type of Samsung washing machine model number for USA, Canada WF45N5300AW/US

The U.S., Canada, and Mexico use slightly different model number designations for washing machines. This is due to the use of another measurement system from Europe and the fact that the washing machines are assembled at the factory, which produces machines only for the North American region.

  • W – washer, the technique is designed for laundry and includes a full line of products.
  • F – type of washing machine
    • F – front loading
    • A – top loading
    • V – Special series of washing machines, ultra narrow, two-in-one, built-in.
    • D – washer-dryer
  • 45 – Tank volume in cubic feet. 4.5 cubic feet
  • N – is the year the model was developed
  • 5 – series
  • 3 – model in the series
  • 00 – modification
  • A – type of washing machine control
  • W – color
  • US – The country for which the washing machine is made

The model number of the Bespoke series washing machines

The Bespoke series of washing machines did not appear until 2022. The series has freestanding washers and dryers, and they have a model number very similar to the ones I explained above. Another letter has been added to the model number to identify that this washer is from the Bespoke series. The model number of the Bespoke washing machine is WF53BB8900ADUS. After the year is the letter B, the Bespoke series. And the model number can be explained as follows. Front-loading washing machine, 5.3 cubic feet, the model year 2022, Bespoke line, 8 serie, 9 model in the series, 00 modification, AD design, made for the USA.

If a set consisting of a washer and dryer from the Bespoke series is offered, Samsung decided to do something simpler and not makeup model numbers but simply use a part number, such as BNDL-1657833433388; depending on the type of washer and dryer, the part number will vary.

BNDL-1657833038062: AI OptiWAsh + electric dryer
BNDL-1657833433388: AI OptiWAsh + gas dryer
BNDL-1657833641572: AI Smart Dial + electric dryer
BNDL-1657833857548: AI Smart Dial + gas dryer

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  1. Thank you for this great information.
    This washer model number is WD11K6410OX/CO
    What destination is CO?

  2. Hi. My washing machine model is WA10F5S5. I wonder how this is different from WA10F5S3 because the clutch spare part I could find is only applicable to S3. Thanks.

  3. Hello my model no is WW80J5413IWURT can you tell me abt the year of manufacture of this model pl.

  4. Hello, thanks for the explanation. But I think places for [E, K, L] and spin number should be interchanged (swapped). For example:
    WD80A6L48BX/LP – with dryer and 1400 spin
    WW80A6L28BX/LP – washer and 1200 spin

  5. Thanks for the useful info in this article.
    We have washing machine model number : WW80J6410CW/EU
    with Serial number : 04K95ESHC00123N
    Could you confirm the year of manufacture please? (think it was 2016)

  6. Washer model #is WF365BTBGWR/A2 I’m wondering when this model was manufactured serial #Y6TE5AED405009V

  7. my machine S.No is 04HQ5PBT300401V
    model WA65T4262FS/2021

    Ma’am could you help me know in which year it has been mfd?
    I am confused as the sticker on the machine is showing 2021 model. retailer is claiming that it is manufactured in 2022
    what does model WA65T4262FS/TL indicate?

    • The serial number is T3 (04HQ5PBT300401V), a washing machine manufactured in 2022 Mart.

      WA65T4262FS/TL is a 2020 model of washing machine.
      W – washer
      A- top load
      65 – maximum load of laundry 6.5kg
      T – 2020 model
      4 – series
      2 – spin speed max 1200
      62 – design
      FS – color
      TL – country or region for which the washing machine is made, in this case India.

    • WF405ATPAWR/A2 – produced between 2012 and 2017. The exact production date can be found in the serial number

  8. Hi, I have a washing machine that I bought in Chile. I now live in Australia and need to find the matching model number locally so we can source a part to repair it. Any thoughts on how to do that? Model number is WF106U4SAWQ.

    • ww – washing machine
      81- 8kg
      K – model 2016
      5 – series
      4 – 1400 spin speed
      E0- modification
      ww – color
      TL – ‎Samsung india Pvt Ltd


    i.e EOBX AND G0KW

  10. Great article, but this model


    Seems to have some extra numbers after the year? It says it is 1600rpm so I am confused as to where those numbers Mach up. Thank you for the help!

    • WW90T986ASH/S4
      WW – washer front load
      90 – 9 kg
      T – 2020
      9 – series
      8 – model
      6 – speed 1600
      A – type of control (display, buttons, etc.)
      SH – color
      S4 – Country, For Sweden

  11. Which digit designates the color on my Samsung WASHER WF45R6100AC/US
    SERIAL NO. 01G857AN102917K.

    • How can I find the meaning of samsung washing machine model number of WW13TP44DSH/FQ

      • WW – washer front loading
        13 – 13kg
        T – model 2020
        P – series
        4 – 1400 spin
        4D – design
        SH – color
        FQ – for Malaysia

  12. Thanks For the valuable information

    Can you please help me with the break down of this model ?

    ww for washing machine
    80 is 8 kg
    T 2020 model
    then all the rest is not clear to me

    • 5 – series
      3 model in series
      4 – 1400 spin speed
      DA – design
      N – door color
      1 – body color
      AS – country

  13. Hi,

    can you confirm this model manufactured year and series functionality type.
    WF65 ‘2U2’ SHWQ

  14. Good morning my model number is damaged we only have the following
    WF52OA6_ _ 99 06 we are looking for a latch for our front load washer? it closes with duck tape and works but would like to replace the closing latch? Thank you in advance for your assistance!!

  15. Great article,
    But I can’t find all the information on my washing machine, model WW 71 J 5426 DW/EN.
    It is a white 7 kg washing machine.
    It bugs me, because I need to get some spare parts, and I cannot find a 100% match with available models.
    I bought it from a well known supplier. (not a weird shop around the corner)

  16. what is S2 mean the then end? and what is the difference with other model doesn’t have S2

  17. I guess dryers follow the same pattern:
    DV 80M50103W LE
    LE – Slovenia?

    Will check tomorrow and write an update.

  18. Please update the year development model for the next year, I found them are not exactly like TV model. Many thanks in advance 😀


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