Where are Samsung washing machines made

Samsung washing machines – one of the areas in the production of household appliances. Samsung sells its products in 170 countries. Samsung collects washing machines in such countries; USA, China, Thailand, Korea, Russia, Mexico, Poland.

List of Samsung washing machine factories

Samsung washing machine factory in the USA

In the US, Samsung began manufacturing washing machines in South Carolina. The plant started operating in 2018. Opening a factory in the US for Samsung is a necessary measure. In 2017, the US government imposed duties on imported household appliances. The South Carolina plant should meet the demand for washing machines in the United States. Also, washing machines from this plant will be supplied not only to the USA, but also to Canada.

Samsung washing machine factory in Mexico

Samsung’s Mexico washing machine assembly plant is located in Kerataro. Until 2018, manufactured washing machines were mainly supplied to the North American market and Mexico. After the opening of the washing machine assembly plant in the United States, the plant began producing washing machines for Mexico and South America.

Samsung washing machine factory in Poland

Samsung’s interests are represented in Poland by SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS POLAND MANUFACTURING SP. Z O.O. The factory in the city of Wronki produces refrigerators and washing machines. The capacity of the washing machine plant is about 2 million per year. A factory in Poland produces washing machines for European markets, according to Samsung, products from this factory are exported to 36 countries.

Samsung washing machine factory Russia

Samsung’s washing machine factory is located in Kaluga. Washing machines at the factory have been produced since 2012. Washing machines are delivered to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the republics of Central Asia and the Caucasus, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

Samsung washing machine factory in China

The factory for the production of washing machines is located in Suzhou. The production of household appliances in China has recently become inappropriate for companies such as Samsung. Household appliance production is becoming more expensive, global companies prefer to shift their production to Thailand and Vietnam. China-made washing machines are sold in China, Asia, and South America.

Samsung washing machine factory in Korea

Washing machines in Korea are manufactured at a factory in Gwangju. From this factory, washing machines are shipped to the market of South Korea and other countries in the region. Previously, washing machines from this factory were supplied to the United States.

Samsung washing machine factory in Thailand

Samsung factory in Thailand produces washing machines for India and Pakistan, Australia, and washing machines are also supplied to other countries.

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  1. What is the email for the production engineer/ manager of the plant in the USA? I dare you to furnish that email but it might just make Samsung realise my wife and I, need to know how to operate the bloody fabric softener/conditioner app.

    • Go to the Samsung.com website where you can contact support. The SUPPORT link is at the bottom of the page.


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