It is possible that you notice that laundry washed bad, at first you think you put the wrong program or put a little detergent.

But 99 out of 100 cases the reason is very simple, it came with building heating element Heaters (tubular electric heater).

A few words about security, TEN is at the bottom of the washing machine tub when dialed water he covered it turns on and heats it, well if he just burned, but if he took the corrosion of the outer tube, then the body of the washing machine will do the potential that can be dangerous if washing machine is not grounded.

But back to our heating element, why he can no longer work?

Blame around the scum that collects on the heating element, it worsens the heat, Heater overheats and stops working.

heating element of the washing machine

Check whether works TEN is very simple to include the program with a maximum heat, 15-20 minutes, touch the door, if it is warm or hot means Heater works, if not it should be replaced.

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