What does the LG washing machine serial number mean?

The serial number of a washing machine or dryer is not just a number. The serial number encodes information about the date of manufacture of the washer or dryer and the country in which it was manufactured. You will need this information if you must go to a repair shop to repair your washer or dryer. Also, this information is very useful when buying a home with appliances. Knowing how to decipher the washing machine’s serial number, we can quickly determine the date of manufacture of the LG washing machine or dryer. This will help you lower the purchase price if the home you are buying has an old laundry room.

If you need to know this information, the first place to find it is in the washing machine’s information sheet, which all manufacturers usually stick next to the laundry loading hatch. You can always find the sticker there, open the hatch, and you will see the sticker. This is the most accessible place to check; there is also a duplicate sticker. It can be placed in other places as well. Each manufacturer may have a different place for the second sticker. One manufacturer places it on the back of the washing machine, another on the side wall.

How to find the serial number of an LG washer and dryer

Find the information plate (nameplate) on your LG washer and dryer. Your LG washer-dryer has two nameplates with the serial and model numbers printed. The first decal is located outside the laundry loading hatch under the hatch. The second plate is located on the side or back of the washer/dryer.

Finding the model number and serial number of your LG washing machine – When you open the laundry loading hatch, you will usually see a small label with your machine’s model number and serial number. If you can look on the back panel of your washing machine or the side of your washing machine, you will also find a sticker (more detailed) with information about your washing machine. This sticker is handy if the sticker under the hatch has become unreadable. Of course, you will have to move the washing machine to find the second sticker. The second sticker has a barcode; you can install a barcode reader on your phone and read the serial and model numbers.

LG washing machine serial number lookup. LG dryer serial number lookup

The picture below shows where you can find information stickers. A little tip: If you have difficulty reading, use your phone and take a picture of the sticker. You can then zoom in on the sticker on your phone. I recommend doing this if you need to find parts. Some stickers also have a product code: the chassis number on which the washing machine is assembled.

How to understand the sticker, LG washing machine

LG washer model number location and LG washer serial number location. This information can be found on the sticker, the manufacturer specifies on it information about the washing machine that the user may need during operation. You can find the following information on the sticker:

  • Washing machine model number
  • Serial number of the washing machine
  • The washing machine’s manufacture date can be given separately in a standardized representation (month year); in some countries, it is not given.
  • The country of assembly, in some countries, is not specified.
  • Product code in the format: T1471HGPP. ABWEPUS is the number of the chassis on which the washing machine is assembled, and after the dot, information about the generation of the washing machine, suppliers of components, and the last two letters, the country for which the washing machine is made. 

Sticker with the serial number and model number of the washing machine. It is printed when the washing machine leaves the factory. As I said, the LG washing machine has two stickers. The first is the main one, with the LG logo and the second is a barcode sticker that also shows the model and serial number of the washing machine. The second sticker is more needed during assembly on the conveyor belt and packaging. You can see what the sticker looks like in the picture below.

LG washer serial number decoder explained, mean

Now, look at the information in the washing machine serial number. The serial number contains basic information that may be needed during use. When buying a used washing machine, knowing the serial number allows you to determine when it was assembled and how old it is. You will be able to determine how long it has been in use, whether it is worth buying spare parts and repairing it, or whether it has reached the end of its useful life and it is more profitable to buy a new washing machine.

Decode serial number washing machine LG for example S/N 604PNJC1S548

The first three digits in the LG washing machine serial number are the assembly date of the washing machine, detailed to the month of the year. If the label does not show the date of manufacture, knowing the serial number, you can easily find out when the washing machine came off the assembly line. The production date is repeated with a cycle of ten years.

How to find the production date in the LG washing machine serial number

  • 6 – LG manufacture date from serial number
    • 0 2000, 2010, 2020
    • 12001, 2011, 2021
    • 22002, 2012, 2022
    • 32003, 2013, 2023
    • 4 2004, 2014, 2024
    • 52005, 2015, 2025
    • 62006, 2016, 2026
    • 72007, 2017, 2027
    • 82008, 2018, 2028
    • 92009, 2019, 2029
  • 04 – is the month of release, everything is just a figure corresponding to the month of the year, in this serial number 4 month, April.

Note that the year of manufacture repeats on a ten-year cycle. Therefore, for example, a washing machine manufactured in 2009 and 2019 will have the same year of manufacture number.

How to determine the country of assembly of the LG washing machine

  • PN is a code of the factory where the washing machine is produced. These two letters allow you to answer the question how to determine the country of assembly of LG washing machine, PN is a factory in China. By country, LG uses the following codes for its assembly plants.
    • KW – Korea
    • PW – Poland
    • RA, RW – Russia
    • RW – Russia
    • PN – China
    • TN – US
    • MM – Mexico
    • MX – Mexico

JC1S548 – the part of the serial number containing information for service centers, this part contains information about suppliers of components and the serial number itself, information about the assembly line where the washing machine was manufactured and so on.

LG washer models by year. LG dryer models by year

It is possible to list washing machine models by year of manufacture. However, this isn’t very easy, and it is essential to consider that washing machine model numbers vary from country to country. But if you live in the US or UK, you can see a list of washing machine models with production dates in this article: “LG washing machine models by year of production date.”

The best way to determine the production date is to match the serial number with the washing machine’s model number. The model number in some countries has a design year identifier. By comparing the development date to the production date of your LG washer or dryer, you will know what year it was manufactured. For example, if the serial number has a design year 0, the washer was manufactured in 2020 or 2010. You can also find out the exact date of manufacture from the model number.
But in most cases, to determine the exact date of manufacture, you need to do some work, read manuals, reviews, and so on

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  1. Hey, guys. Trying to locate this F4v5vgp2t washing machine (9/6kg) but in my city Tbilisi there are only alternatives:


    what is the difference in these models? confusing as hell

  2. Hello Anatoliy – & Tab-TV –

    I looked through all of the Q&A above but am still a bit stumped…
    S/N 909KWYP04938
    Model WM2010CW
    So it seems this machine was mfd in September 2009,
    but the “2” in the “2010” in the model number has me stumped…
    was it designed in 2002?

    The front of the machine does not have an access panel across the width of the bottom of the front, and I appear to be in need of replacing the pump as the filter is not clogged and the machine is not draining. Any idea how to access the pump?

    • WM2010CW – model 2009
      WM2010CW – decode
      W – Washer
      M – front loading
      2 – series
      010 – model in series
      С – Electronic Control Panel with Dial-A-Cycle
      W – color White (W)

      • Thanks for the wonderful article(s)!
        My LG Washer is F1409SW
        Serial number 110PNMHC691
        Product Code F4V5VYP0W.ABWQAGE

        What is the difference between product code and model number?
        I am looking for a replacement part and can’t find anything for this model. I’m thinking to use the product code instead. Are they interchangeable?
        Which part of the model numbers need to be the same for replacement parts to be compatible? Exactly the same? Or would…F1409TDS (for example) be similar enough?

        • identical washing machines
          F1410SW F14105S F4V5RYP** V4-S10YW
          F1409SW F14095S F4V5VYP** V4-S9YW
          F1408SW F14085S F4V5TYP** V4-S8YW

  3. I have an LG washer and dryer set with serial numbers starting with 008. Both model numbers also have a 10 in them (WT5101HV & DLEX5101V), so can I safely assume they were made in 2010 and not 2020?

    Your article is very well written and informative.
    Thank you.

  4. Hi Anatoily,
    Please could you help me work out the age of a LG washer/dryer?
    MODEL: F1480YD5
    SERIAL No: 201KWMK0F131
    Kind regards,

    • Hi, F1480YD5 2011 model
      SERIAL No: 201KWMK0F131 your washing machine was manufactured in January 2012.

  5. Hi, I am about to buy F2WV5S8S2PE in Cyprus and don’t understand this code. If you explain it I’d be grateful. The reason I’m interested is that I’m trying to download a manual in English. I have contacted LG UK and they don’t recognise the number . The supplied manual is in Greek. Thanks in Advance

    • F2WV5S8S2PE
      F- Washer
      2 – speed spin 1200
      WV – series
      5S – Type control
      8 – 8kg
      S2PE – color of the washing machine, doors, and technical features.

  6. Thanks, It’s so helpful. But I still can’t understand was the washing machine that I’m trying to buy from the shop made in 2010 or in 2020? Please help me.
    Model: f4j5tnp3w
    Serial: 007PNNA42975

  7. LG washer
    Tried very hard to find the production run for this model, but I cannot. Is it possible it’s a 2021? Or is it definitely a 2011?

    • WM3550HVCA SN108kwby4e989 – Date of assembly of the washing machine August 2011. This washing machine model began production in 2011.

  8. Thanks for all the great information, but still can’t tell what the year of my LG Dryer
    Model DLE 2050W
    SN 002KWKY00021
    021R0531 – printed on tag in right hand corner
    Made in Korea
    Thanks I advance for any information that you can provide.

    • DLE 2050W (SN 002KWKY00021) – Date of production February 2010
      This model was produced from 2009 to 2012
      021R0531 – is the part number of the Dryer, it is used in the service centers for the selection of spare parts.

  9. Hi Anatoliy,
    could you please help with my
    LG DRYER production date:
    SN: 709KWYP51554
    MODEL: DLE3170W

  10. Lg washer Model WM2301HW
    S/N 001KWEE05724

    2000 2010 or 2020

    LG DRYER Model DLE2301W s/n 912KWVQ02175
    2009 or 2019

    • LG WM2301HW model 2009 (Date of manufacture January 2010)
      DLE2301W model 2009 (Date of manufacture December 2009)

  11. Hello, I still dont see how you can determine which of the 10 year span it was made?
    LG washer
    model wm2701hv
    either 2009 or 2019

    • WM2701HV – model 2009 year
      This washing machine model was on the assembly line
      2009 – production start
      2012 – end of production

  12. Hi
    Thanks so much for the helpful article. I know my gas dryer is either June 2006 or June 2016. However can you tell me the year:
    S/N 606KWLR00816
    Model DLG7188WM
    I see these 10 year gap questions and generally just can’t find the years the models were produced. How do you find the years a model was made in order to provide the definitive year?

    • WM2487HRMA – is the model number, the exact date of manufacture can be obtained from the serial number.
      This washing machine model was manufactured from 2008 to 2011.

  13. Some newer LG machines have VW as the manufacturer code. Could this be for the new factory they’ve built in the USA?

  14. I can’t figure out if the LG washing machine someone gave me is from 2004 or 2014. It is S/No. 404PNLP95632 and Model: WM3050CW. Product Code: F13E4FDP .ABWEPUS. It needs some work and I’m thinking it may not be a smart idea to fix it. Can anyone help me figure this out?

  15. I have a LG wash machine
    Could you please tell me what year
    2004 or 2014??.–i got the made in Korea part!.- Thanks!

  16. Was looking at a LG Front loading washer
    Model WM2077CW
    Serial number: 606KWXD04762
    Was wondering if it was made in 2006 or 2016?
    What is the average life of this machine?

    • Model WM2077CW assembled in 2006
      The service life of this washing machine is 10 years, set by the manufacturer. If this washing machine has worked a lot, its resource is already exhausted.

      • I had a Maytag washing machine that was running great at 38 years. I sadly had to leave behind when I moved. I can’t fathom any manufacturer only giving a 10 year service life to a washing machine.

        • Marketing is changing, if 40-50 years ago there were not enough washing machines on the market. Manufacturers tried to produce things with a long life span. Now the market is oversaturated with washing machines, and how to get you to buy a new one. The easiest solution is to make repairs cost more than buying a new machine. It’s the same with cars. By the way, in Europe they are talking about setting a minimum life span of at least 20 years for home appliances.

  17. Hi can you tell me the year my lg wash er was made? Thanks
    Model Wm8000hva
    Sn F1387fds3.asseeus

    • Washer WM2688HWM – model 2008
      Dryer DLG8388WM – model 2008
      were produced between 2008 and 2011. A more detailed production date can be found from the serial number, detailing it down to the month.

  18. You are so helpful! I am looking at LG dryer model DLE2301R. The seller says it’s 8 years old but serial number is 007KWPV00984. So I’m wondering if it is 2010 or 2020? Thanks!

    • LG dryer model DLE2301R – model 2009
      This dryer was made in 2010
      This dryer model was produced from 2009 to 2012
      The service life of dryers is 8-10 years, with timely replacement of worn parts.

  19. Hi, I am about to buy a LG washing machine:
    Model No: TH2517DSAW
    S/No: 202KWHX4K321
    What’s the manufacture date. Has the machine been discontinued or has any potential defects that I should know about.
    Thank you in advance.

    • TH2517DSAW model 2019
      production date February 2022
      I can’t say anything about the quality of the washing machine, there is no information.

  20. Hi there, interested in buying a set of machines: washer 809KWRE00270 WM2355CW and dryer 806KWNM00023 DLE5955W. I am not able to determine if they were made in 2008 or 2018. Thanks kindly

  21. Kindly let me know if my LG washing machine product is original quality or fake product and also manufacturing year /country
    Model no.9041SGAZ
    Serial no.201NWGN069599

  22. Please let me know what year is the LG washer with following information made:
    S/N 705KWYP03498
    Model: WM2233HS

  23. dryer: SN 709kwbyo1773;

    model DLE 2516W

    Washer: SN: 105KWQW03740

    model: WM2140CW

    Please tell me ages; buyer needs my answer tonight.


    • these Wash/Dryer are TROMMs and somebody is trying to sell them to me.
      How do I know if it is si from 2011 or 2001?

      • model: WM2140CW -2011
        model DLE 2516W – the model was manufactured between 2009 and 2015, you probably have a mistake in the serial number (709kwbyo1773)
        The model was manufactured between 2009 and 2015, you probably have an error in the serial number. Probably the first digit is not 7, maybe 1, then it is 2011.

  24. I have a LG Model WM2050 – S/N 002KWMQ16027 – can you please let me know what year this was manufactured. I have a leak in the washer and was trying to decide if I should replace the washer with another LG machine.

  25. I am thinking about purchasing a washer S/N 609lwGG0743 and model DLE9577Sm was it make in 2006 or 2016?

  26. I bought an LG Washing machine model WM2150HR with the serial Number of 906KWPV00352.
    is this model from 2009 or 2019?

  27. I have a LG dryer. model no is DLG3788w and serial no is is 512kwvq02119. Can you tell me if it’s really manufactured in 2005? And by the way you are a saint for providing this information!

  28. SN 108KWAT3B672 model #WM2140CW
    I believe it is a 2011 model but the seller is telling me it was purchased in 2016 from LG. Please advise.

    • Model 2010 year,
      LG wm2140cw year made 2010-2014
      This washer was manufactured 08/2011. It may have been purchased in 2016, in which case it has been in stock for 5 years. I would not recommend buying this washing machine, over time the rubber seals lose their properties they harden and start leaking water, the plastic also loses its properties and becomes brittle.

  29. Can you please tell me the manufacturing dates for a WM2455HG. I’m trying to decided if my washer was 2017 or 2007. serial 705KWUC02670. Thanks!

  30. Is this dryer from June 2021? Serial no. is 106KWRE0J344. Model is DLEX9000V.

    Thank you!

    • Yes 06/2021
      This dryer has been available since the second half of 2015. It has not yet been discontinued.

  31. Thank you so much for all the info. I’m trying to determine if year of my washer is 2006 or 2016. S/N 609KWUC00678 Model WM2688HNMA.

    I see that it’s discontinued and a lot of the reviews are from ~2010-2014 so having a tough time knowing which decade mine is from.

    • Officially impossible to check, independently model number + serial number, appearance from LG website.

  32. How do i tell how old my lg dryer is?

    serial #012KWEL0128
    Model DLEX5101W
    not sure if that’s 2000 or 2010?

  33. I just purchased a used LG washing machine with Serial no. 905KW, can I know the details, please.

  34. Thank you so much for the explanation. It’s so helpful. But I still can’t understand was the washing machine that I’m trying to buy from the people made in 2019 or in 2009? People trying to hide the truth. I’m trying to find out the age of the washing machine… but how? It’s impossible?

  35. We’re there any LG Tromms produced before 2010? What happens to this number after 2019?

  36. Can I find out the washer capacity from the barcode? If the washing machine has no capacity label, how can I know its capacity?

    • Install barcode scanner software on your phone, scan the code. Try to find information on the Internet. If you don’t find anything, this barcode is for LG service centers only.

  37. Blah blah.
    Interesting article but English is just OMG, very uncomfortable to read. Even taking in account that I’m not English speaker I’m still feeling bad reading it. Seems author is from India….

  38. I just purchased a Korean made Brondell Swash 1400 bidet. Can anyone help? Is there a way to tell the date it was made/released from the serial number? It reads: Serial No: 00427 and then under that number is a smaller print number 1226481. There is also a separate barcode with the following; 204 02ERV 20506 00427.

    • Brondell brand
      Serial number
      00 – 2020
      04 – April
      27 – product batch number

      1226481 – code manufacture

      204 02ERV 20506 00427
      20 – 2020
      4 – April (1-9 and A, B, С, D)
      02E – revision number (RV)
      20506 – serial number in batch
      00427 – production date and batch number

  39. How can I tell if machine is 6 or 16 years old? Inherited with house purchase. No idea how old it is.

      • Yes but that only gives last digit so cant tell if 1 or 11 years. Trying to determine if still under warranty

        • You see the serial number, and there is also the model number. It looks like this WM3370HVA

  40. according to this my month of manufacture is 32 and the country code is “F”

    This simply does not work for the serial number on my machine.

  41. Way down the road how would I know if 9 is 2019, rather than 2009, or 1999, etc. Once upon a time washing machines lasted 20-30 years.

    • The service life of the washing machine according to the manufacturer’s technical documentation is not more than 10 years. Therefore, the cycle from the point of view of the manufacturer may be repeated.


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