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Where are LG washing machines made

LG washing machines are excellent; LG is one of the leaders in home appliance manufacturing. LG washing machines (at that time, the company was...

LG washing machine serial number lookup, decoder, mean, explained

What does the LG washing machine serial number mean? The serial number of a washing machine or dryer is not just a number. The...

LG washing machine model number decoding 2012-2023

You will always need the model number when choosing a washing machine or looking for spare parts.The model number is the identification of the...

Washers LG WM5000HVA vs WM9000HVA (WM5000HWA vs WM9000HWA)

These washing machines are LG's smart home technology. They have an Internet connection and allow you to control them remotely, as well as receive...

Washing Machine LG 2016 Series of Smart Home

LG launches the washing machine of a series of smart home, this series sold technology LG SMART THINQ ™. What allows you to control...