What is inverter washing machine

The use of washing machine motor inverter, the buyer has a question, and what better to choose a washing machine with an inverter motor or simple. Many manufacturers of washing machines in their advertising campaigns call the use of an inventory motor one of the advantages.

What is the difference between an inverter washing machine

Inverter washing machine differs from others only in that it is equipped with an inverter motor. In the inverter motor, an additional control board is installed. With the help of which the voltage is supplied to the engine not directly, but after conversion, besides adjusting the voltage, the rotational speed of the engine changes.

Washing machines with a classic (standard) motor

Classic motor: these are motors with graphite brushes, the current through the brushes is supplied to the armature contacts, the current passing through the armature winding creates a magnetic field that rotates the motor armature. Permanent magnets or windings can be used as the motor stator.


Inverter motor washing machine inverter, digital inverter motor

What is inverter washing machine, Inverter motor: in washing machines with an inverter motor, the motor has a slightly different design, the motor anchor is assembled with static magnets, the rotation speed depends on the voltage applied to the stator winding. In addition, the voltage is not supplied directly from the network, the voltage is first supplied to the inverter board, the voltage is converted. This allows you to control the desired engine speed using various stator windings and changing the amount of dressing.

This type of engine is also called digital inverter washing machine.

Some manufacturers will improve washing machines and offer their own names for inverter washing machines. For example, LG came up with a drum washing machine installed on an engine shaft. And they called such direct-drive washing machines.

inverter motor

Inverter washing machine vs standard washing machine

Try to understand and cut advertising from reality. For example, consider the benefits voiced by producers for inverter motors.

The lack of friction parts as a consequence of a more durable engine in washing machine

This statement is not entirely true, rubbing parts (bearings) in the same amount in the engine. The difference, no carbon brushes, which is fed to the motor armature current. They rub against the motor armature and gradually wear out, but their life span is designed for 10 000 – 15 000 hours, complete wear them come in 10-15 years of the washing machine. Assuming the use of a washing machine for 3 hours a day, and it will agree not small. And note the specified service life of the washing machine of 7-10 years. And the cost of carbon brushes $ 2-3.

So that assertion engine wear (carbon brushes) can not be taken as an advantage.

Less noise in the inverter washing machine

Yes motor without carbon brushes emits less noise, but compared with the usual (no sparking between brushes and anchor), but he utters howls and squeak (so runs the inverter). An example of an inverter motor, urban electric transport. The main noise of the washing machine emits no engine and the pump and the drum when spinning the laundry. When spinning the engine’s inventory may make a characteristic squeak squeak of a mosquito resembles. Very many people do not like this squeak.

Therefore, you will not notice much of a difference between the noise and the inverter ordinary washing machine. For some owners of washing machines inverter contrary seem noisier.

Inverter washer provides more precise engine speed

Yes, in an ordinary electric motor turns depends on the external network, the inverter is also there but not as pronounced.

In the washing machine does not need the exact observance of the engine speed.

Saving energy inverter washing machine

Inverter drive more cost 15-20% less electricity it consumes, but not always. In it merely more precisely regulated by the momentum and not to waste electricity. Example by loading the washing machine 2kg. laundry machine with ordinary motor will spin the engine as much as possible, the inverter is adjusting the momentum will not untwist the engine as much as possible, it will stabilize the turnover, as a result consume a little less energy.

But considering that in the washing machine main power consumption is not the engine, 80% of energy is spent on heating water. Actual energy savings will amount to at best 2-5%. And if the washing machine load of 50% of the maximum weight of laundry.

So what is the best engine in washing machines, some of them are identical in operation, but manufacturers have recently bet on the inverter motor. Therefore, more and more washing machines comes with an inverter motor, manufacturers often do not even stipulate in the characteristics of the engine type.

Which washing machine is better inverter washing machine vs non inverter

Considering all of the above, washing machines with inverter motors (inverter washing machines) are better than ordinary washing machines. As of 2019, about 80% of washing machines are made with inverter motors. 

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  1. Just had the inverter go out in my GE washer that was only two years old with very little use. The price for the inverter is over $500 just for the part so I will not be buying another washer with an inverter.

    • Motors, very rarely faulty, usually a fault in the control circuit (in the inverter itself). Very often, however, repair shops change the entire motor with the inverter.
      Since 2016 GE is bought out by Chinese company Hier. And GE is now 100% Chinese home appliance manufacturer.

  2. I agree,lets look at :(inverter drive more cost 15-20% less electricity it consumes but not always) >: -o !????geesh someone needs lessons….


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