You may encounter these situations. You try to load your favorite video streaming app, like Amazon or Netflix, and all you see is the service logo and nothing else, or the app keeps loading, and the TV freezes. You repeatedly try to restart the app by turning the TV off and on, but nothing helps. Or even you try to install a new app and get a message that there needs to be more memory to install the app. It could be a lack of memory to run your TV; now I will tell you how to clear the memory in your LG TV. And you may realize that the memory of your LG TV is full.

How to clear memory on LG Smart TV

You should know that while you’re running apps or using the TV’s browser, some information is written to the TV’s memory, this is what’s called the app and browser cache. Recorded information speeds up the operation of applications in the future, for example, you do not need to log in to an application every time, just enter your username and password once. Similarly with the browser, the browser remembers and caches the pages of websites that you have visited, this allows you to speed up the display of information when you visit it again.

The first way to clear LG TV memory cache – radical or hard method

Reset LG TV to factory settings

This method is good for you if you like problems or prefer to have your TV set up like new. You can reset your TV to factory default settings. The reset will clear the memory cache of all apps, the browser, and any settings you made manually. You will have to reconnect to the WiFi, set the settings, adjust the channels, re-enter all your accounts and update all usernames and passwords in all apps and browsers. I recommend this method as a radical one if nothing else works. To reset to factory settings, do the following.

Go to TV Settings, General, Reset, and Initial Settings, press Enter on the remote and select OK to confirm the reset message; the TV will reset all settings to factory defaults, clear the cache and return the TV to factory settings.

The second way to clear LG TV cache memory

There is a more gentle way to free the busy memory in LG TV. It is more time consuming, but user-friendly. On LG TVs, you can clear the memory cache of the browser or application. You should know that if you use the browser to watch videos, a lot of cached information accumulates. And if you like Youtube and are logged in with your account, all your viewing history, your playlists and recommendations are copied to the TV. This happens with other apps as well, for example, Amazon also remembers your playlists, as well as information about the movies you watched and where you finished watching so you can resume watching from where you last watched it.

So, you should know that your browser remembers the most information if you use it. The first thing to do is to clear your browser cache. To do this, do the following.

Delete the browser cache of your LG TV

Switch the TV to “Smart-TV” mode by pressing the “Smart” button on the remote control.
Launch your internet browser. In the upper right corner, select “Settings“.
In the window that appears, select “Clear Cache“. Confirm by clicking “OK“.

Now see how your TV works In 90% of cases, the TV will work fine. If the problem persists, then the memory is occupied by apps.

Delete the app memory cache on your LG TV

If you use an app frequently, it is quite possible that the memory is taken up by the app cache. There is no single process for clearing app memory. There are settings in the app, go to settings, see if there is an option to reset data or reset information, clear the information. If you don’t find it, try just uninstalling the app and reinstalling it.

How to uninstall an app on your LG TV

Uninstalling an app. Press the “Smart” button on the remote control.
In the window that opens, select the “Edit” section (depending on the firmware version, the section may be on the right or left side of the screen).
A list of applications and programs will appear on the screen. Select the ones that are irrelevant to you and press “Delete”.

Check how your TV works, if you no longer see messages about insufficient memory or that an app requires a restart or no longer hangs on startup, then you’ve fixed the problem with your TV. You should know that not all applications can be uninstalled, some applications are not available for uninstallation, they must be installed.

Tips for saving LG TV memory

As strange as it may seem, it is possible to develop recommendations so that you no longer have problems with your TV memory; now, I will tell you what those recommendations are. And most of the problem is not with the apps themselves but with the browser, which fills the TV memory. The apps themselves take up little space.

Tips for saving TV memory when using your browser

If you use the browser, periodically clear the browser memory cache. If you do not want to clear the cache periodically, you can use the browser in incognito mode. Then all information will be automatically deleted at the end of the session. In general, the best solution is not to use the browser on LG TV.

Tips for using apps on your LG TV

Tips for apps can be very different if, for example, with subscription-based streaming services, you need to log into your account to use the app, and you can’t do anything. If you’re using YouTube, it’s better to use something other than authorization in the service; then, the Youtube app will take up much less memory. The app itself doesn’t use much memory, but when you turn on Youtube, it syncs your browsing history from other devices.

In any case, always start with the easiest one. Analyze what applications you use most often. Start by cleaning your browser and move on. If you have any questions, you can always ask a question, and I will try to answer them.

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