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With the development of technology, all people have become a little closer. Communication has moved to a new level in the last 30 years. Now you no longer have to go to the other end of town to meet your friend or arrange an important call in advance so you can both be on the home phone. And I don’t even remember the days when people wrote each other letters telling each other the latest news.

Things are very different in today’s world. Today people often don’t even use phone calls, and messengers have become the new trend for everyday communication. And they have even become not just a place to send messages, but practically social networks, with their own channels, official pages, and huge chats. One of the most vivid examples of a developing messenger can definitely be called Telegram. The developers of Telegram are constantly adding various new features to their apps. For example, many users don’t know that there is such a function as a spoiler tag.

Is it possible to add a spoiler tag in Telegram

To stay competitive, companies have to add more and more features and innovations to their apps. Since different companies focus on different things and have different policies, these features can be quite different.

This also applies to messengers. There are many different apps for communication and they all offer their own features. In some of them, you send messages that will disappear over time, while others don’t have the ability to remove messages that have already been sent so that all correspondence is kept in its original form.

Companies like Telegram place a huge emphasis on privacy and security. The company will never give out personal information or conversations, and the encryption algorithms are quite strong, and you can even hide personal information such as your phone number. However, telegram is becoming more and more successful and is borrowing many other features from various similar services.

I would call the function to create spoiler tags as one example. It was added to Telegram not so long ago but has become a favorite tool of many channels. Especially channels about different movie news or mysteries. The spoiler tag allows you to hide an hour of text to avoid spoilers. This can be very useful in certain cases. No wonder many users are interested in how they can add a spoiler tag to their posts.

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Why you might need a spoiler tag

In fact, when it comes to Telegram, little by little the messenger is turning into a full-fledged social network. It is already possible to create channels with news and entertainment content, and you can even leave comments and discuss the post. In addition, there is the ability to page directly in Telegram, start voice chats, record podcasts, create groups, and join communities by geolocation. Users have more than enough opportunities. No wonder today the monthly number of Telegram users has exceeded 550 million and continues to grow.

If you lead your own channel, podcast, or group, where you often publish interesting information, then you cannot do without spoiler tags. They can be used for a variety of occasions. The most trivial is simply to hide the spoiler. If you’re writing about a movie or a game, for example, you can hide part of the text with a spoiler tag so the reader decides whether or not to read the spoilers.

If you have a channel with riddles or puzzles, for example, you can hide the correct answer behind a spoiler tag, which users can check after they’ve solved it themselves.

Another interesting way to use the spoiler tag is as a joke. For example, you can hide part of a joke so people will read it without the main punchline and then open the spoiler tag to get the gist. This is limited by your imagination.

There are many more different ways to use spoiler tags. Again, all are limited by your imagination and creativity.

How to add a spoiler tag with your mobile device in Telegram

Since most people use messengers through mobile devices, it is obvious that all the newest and most advanced features appear first in mobile apps. This also applies to the spoiler tag feature. You can do it with an android smartphone, as well as with an iOS device. However, in this case, the instructions will be slightly different.

For iOS / iPadOS

If you are holding an iPhone or iPad then first you need to open Telegram and enter the desired chat. After that:

  • Enter your message and then highlight the part you need to put in the spoiler tag
  • Then you need to click on the sign to edit the text, it will look like “BIU”
  • At the end just click Spoiler and you’re done.

You can tell that the spoiler tag is applied by the blurry silhouette around your text.

For Android devices

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, the instructions will be a little different. After you have entered the desired chat room, enter your message, then:

  • Highlight the desired piece of text
  • After that, in the upper right corner of the screen, click on the three vertical dots.
  • In the menu that pops up, select Spoiler.

All done now you have added a spoiler tag on Android as well. Remember to see the spoiler tag in the message you sent, just click on it and the text will become visible.

How to make a spoiler tag using desktop in Telegram

In case you use the Desktop version of the Telegram app, you have two options, in that case, a full-fledged PC or Mac app and a Web version accessible from any browser. In both cases, you can do the tagging, but the instructions are slightly different from before.

In the official app

To make a spoiler tag here, you first need to log into your account, go to the desired chat room and enter your message. Then just follow the instructions.

  • Double-click on the message, or left-click and highlight the desired amount of text.
  • After that, right-click on the text and use the popup menu to go to Formatting > Spoiler.
  • You can also do this by simply selecting the text and pressing Ctrl+Shift+P.

As you can see it will be pretty easy to do, it will take you literally a few seconds.

Using the web version

If you decide you don’t want to install extra apps on your PC or Mac, you can sign in to Telegram directly from your web browser and use most of the messenger’s features right there. Including to leave a spoiler tag you’ll need to log in to the right chat room and write a message, then:

  • Highlight the desired part of the text
  • After that, select the item with the crossed-out eye from the pop-up menu.

That way you can add a spoiler tag to the highlighted text. A reminder that to view a post with a spoiler, you simply have to click on the part of the text that is hidden.

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What other text formatting options are available in Telegram

There are several other fast options in Telegram to customize your text. All of them will be available in both the mobile and desktop versions of the app using the first item from the lists above. Among the text formatting methods available are:

  • Bold – This option will make your text bold. [Ctrl+B].
  • Italic – this will make your text slanted, such as “Hello World“. [Ctrl+I].
  • Underline – adds underline to your text. [Ctrl+U]
  • Strikethrough – this option will scratch all of the text you have selected. [Ctrl+Shift+X]
  • Monospace – Makes more indentation between letters in your text, usually used this format if you add code. [Ctrl+Shift+M].
  • Create Link – with this option you can insert a link to a third party into your text. [Ctrl+K].
  • Plain Text – this option is used to clean up the formatting of your text. [Ctrl+Shift+N]

There are also various additional functions, such as translating text, adding media files, and more. However, you shouldn’t forget that messenger is primarily about communication between people.

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