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Do you like to play video games or watch others play? Then you probably use Discord, one of the most popular messengers for gamers. It has everything you need – and excellent chat management and separate servers, video communication, and even the ability to stream your games. Many people even use this app as a place to store important media files and important correspondence. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many people want to protect their Discord profile with 2FA.

However, sometimes it can interfere with you. Either you tried it once and decided it was taking too long to log in to your account and decided to get rid of it, or you simply don’t have too major conversations and files in your Discord account. It makes sense to turn it off 2FA in Discord. Though how do you do it?

What is two-factor authentication (2FA)

Everyone is probably already familiar with the common method of entering a password when logging into personal accounts and social networks. This format, where you have to enter a set of letters and numbers isn’t bad protection, but there’s always a risk that scammers will find out your password, for example, if you follow a fake phishing link. This is why many websites, apps, and services recommend that you set up a 2FA. Do you wonder what is it?

Let us start with a simple one. Authentication is the process of verifying a user’s identity. When two-factor authentication (or multi-factor authentication) is when two (or more) different methods are used to verify and confirm that the account belongs to you. The first stage of authentication is simply entering a password. And for the second stage different methods of verification are used:

  • A code in the SMS will be sent to the phone number specified when registering the user.
  • A code from a letter to the email is indicated at registration.
  • An electronic key or token – a small device on which a certificate is written for authentication.
  • Special apps, such as Authy or Google Authenticator. You can use them to get codes to sign in to your account, even if you aren’t connected to the Internet.
  • Backup codes. They are generated in advance and then entered if there’s no way to get a code via SMS or email.
  • Biometrics, like fingerprints or selfies.

So, if you need to enter only a password for single-factor authentication, the scammers may find out this password and use it. However, with 2FA scammers will enter the password, but, won’t log into your account, because you have to enter a code from an SMS, which will be sent to your smartphone or email. If a fraudster doesn’t have access to your phone number or email, they won’t get access to your profile.

Also, don’t forget your email password and try not to change your phone number too often, as you need these contacts to be able to go through 2FA and log in to your account.

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Is there an option to remove two-factor authentication on Discord

So, your goal is to get rid of the 2FA in Discord. There can be many reasons for this – either you’re tired of taking this stupid test every time, or you don’t have frequent access to your smartphone and it only prevents you from using Discord. You can do this easily from your profile. If you can’t access your Discord account from any device, you should read the last section of this article. To get rid of 2FA, all you have to do is:

  • Launch Discord for PC.
  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Click on “My Account.”
  • Click on “Remove 2FA.
  • Enter the required Discord Auth code or backup code.
  • Once that’s done, your account is no longer 2FA-protected.

Now you know how you can do it with the PC version. As you can see, there’s nothing complicated about this process. All you need is to have access to your Discord account and pass again (this time for the last time) two-factor authentication from Discord. However, what if you don’t have access to a PC?

What about turning off 2FA on Discord via Android

Let’s now look at a method that will allow you to disable 2FA in Discord via Android. The fact is that the Discord app is available on all known operating systems, so to begin with, if you don’t have the Discord app installed on Android, you should install it. This is done through the Play Store. By the way, for iPhone owners, the method will be almost the same since the Discord app is almost the same in terms of the interface on both operating systems.

  • Go to your Discord app.
  • Tap on the profile icon.
  • Go to “My Account” for the option to enable or disable 2FA.
  • Tap on “Remove 2FA” under “Two-Factor Authentication Enabled.”
  • Enter either your Discord Auth code or backup code into the field.
  • Tap on “Remove 2FA.”
  • Your account will now have no 2FA protection until you reenable it.

Since you were able to remove 2FA in Discord with your smartphone, now when you log in from any device you won’t have to go through a long confirmation of identity again. In any case, you can return everything to the way it was. Again, using both the PC version of Discord and the mobile app.

How to turn 2FA on in Discord

Are you afraid of the content you do with your friends and teammates in games via Discord? Then it’s better to stick to the recommendations and not fall into the trap of cheaters using 2FA. In Discord it’s organized correctly, you only need to install Authy or Google Authenticator app additionally in order to confirm your identity.

  • Open Discord on your browser or use the desktop client.
  • Click on the cog icon to enter the settings menu.
  • Click on “My Account.”
  • Select the “Enable Two-Factor Auth” button.
  • Download your authenticator app of choice, as mentioned above.
  • Get the barcode or key from Discord.
  • Enter the provided key or use the barcode scanner in the authenticator app.
  • Once you enter the required codes, your account will now have 2FA enabled.

Don’t forget that the authentication app or the smartphone itself may not be perfect and you should not rely on the 100%. Therefore, Discord recommends that after you enable 2FA, you download additional backup codes or enter your phone number so that if you lose your smartphone or the app malfunctions, you can pass 2FA.

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What to do when you lose access to your authenticator app

In case your Discord has 2FA protection and your smartphone is inaccessible, you can use your backup codes to access your Discord account. The only question is, where do you find these Discord backup codes?

Generally, when you first create a 2FA in Discord, the app gives you the choice of either downloading backup codes for an emergency or entering your phone number to receive an SMS to authenticate your account. If you downloaded backup codes when you first turned on 2FA in Discord, you can find them through the file “discord_backup_codes.txt” on your computer. It will look like an 8-digit code that you need to enter while trying to pass 2FA in Discord.

You can also use your smartphone as an alternate version of 2FA to retrieve the code and restore your account. If you have lost your computer codes and access to the authentication app, it’s a good way to get your account back. Unfortunately, if you don’t have access to the backup codes and can’t log in to your account from other devices, not even tech support will be able to remove your 2FA from Discord. Only you can do this. Otherwise, create a new account.

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