LG TV Model Number Explained: LED, NanoCell, QNED, OLED (2011-2024)

LG TVs update in 2024:
In 2024, LG maintains its commitment to OLED technology, especially in high-end TV models. This year, the OLED TV lineup will be expanded with next-generation OLED displays with higher brightness levels. LG uses a naming system for its TV models in which the model year is designated by a specific letter; for the 2024 models, that letter is “T.” Simplifying identification, the new 2024 OLED TV models are called C4, G4, and M4. This naming strategy allows the last digit of the model number to be correlated with the corresponding year, providing an intuitive understanding for consumers.

LG TV model number meaning

Unlike smartphones and tablets, LG TVs do not have commercial names, so LG uses the model number to identify the TV. Understanding LG TV model numbers is essential to consumers, especially when comparing different models and making informed buying decisions. LG TV model numbers are more than just random sequences of letters and numbers; they convey specific information about the TV, including the year of production, the region of destination (sales), and specific technical features such as the type of digital tuners.

LG uses different model number formats for different TV lines, including NanoCell and QNED TVs, LED TVs, and OLED TVs. Each line has its unique model number structure, reflecting aspects such as display technology and product hierarchy.

To find an LG TV’s model number, you can turn to several sources. If you choose and compare different TV models, the model number is displayed prominently in shops or on LG’s official website. It’s also usually listed on the TV, often on the back or in the product documentation.

Knowing the model number is especially important when buying a TV, especially at the beginning of the year when both last year’s and current year’s models are available. It allows you to determine exactly what year the TV is from, which is crucial when evaluating features, technological advances, and prices. Knowing the LG model numbering system will help you navigate the range more effectively and help you choose the TV model that best suits your preferences and requirements.

LG TV model number structure

The LG TV model number structure is a representation that contains essential information about each TV. This structure is divided into several blocks, each conveying specific information about the TV. Here is the breakdown of these blocks:

  1. General Specifications, TV Type, and Screen Size Block: This section of the model number provides an overview of the leading technical specifications of the TV. It usually includes information about the display technology (such as OLED or LED) and the screen size of the TV. Screen size is reported in inches diagonally and is one of the most critical factors for consumers when choosing a TV.
  2. Model ID and Year of Development Block: This model number segment indicates the TV’s specific model and the year of development. LG uses a specific letter to indicate the year of development, and for OLED TVs, numbers as well, which helps consumers differentiate between models from different years. More on this below. 
  3. Individual Features Block: This part of the model number lists the TV’s specific specifications, the type of digital tuner, and the country for which it was manufactured.

LG LED 4K UHD TV Model Number Decode, since 2018 (2018-2024)

LG LED TVs Model Numbers since 2018 (2018-2024)

The model number of LG LED TVs gives a detailed idea of their features and specifications, and in 2018, LG made a significant change to this numbering system. The model number now includes letters indicating the model, tuner type, and design features. The typical sequence in these model numbers is “PUA.” Still, variations depend on factors such as country of sale or special orders from major retailers, resulting in alternatives such as “AUA.”

To give you an example, let’s decode the model number ’65UQ9000PUA’:

  • 65 – This denotes the screen size of the TV in inches.
  • S – This letter denotes the type of TV. In LG LED TVs, different letters denote different types of displays:
    • S: Super UHD
    • U: UHD
    • L: LED TV with Full HD resolution.
    • R – This letter indicates the year of development. Each year has a different letter:
    • T: 2024
    • R: 2023
    • Q: 2022
    • P: 2021
    • N: 2020
    • M: 2019
    • K: 2018
  • 9 – This number indicates the series of the TV in the lineup, the higher the number, the better the TV.
  • 5 – This number indicates a specific model in the series.
  • 00 – Indicates the model modification of the TV.
  • P – This letter indicates technical modifications, often signifying special batches of TVs for sale through major retailers.
  • U – This letter indicates the type of digital tuner in the TV. Tuner types are labeled with different letters for different regions and standards, such as:
    • U: ATSC, Clear QAM (USA, Canada, Mexico).
    • L: DVB T/T2/T2/T2HD/C/S/S2 (Europe, Turkey, Russia)
    • N: ATSC 3.0-ATSC 1.0 (South Korea).
    • S: SBTVD (Brazil, Argentina, Chile)
    • J: BS 110 (Japan)
    • V: DVB-T2/C/S2 (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, South Africa)
    • T: MPEG-2/4 DVB-T2 (Australia, Singapore, Australia, India)
    • No: DVB-T2/C/S2 (New Zealand)
    • C: DTMB (China, Hong Kong). And so on, covering different world standards and the number of tuners on the TV.
  • A – This letter indicates the TV’s design features, usually the color of the frame around the screen and the shape of the stand.

Model Number LG NANO (2020-2022) and QNED TV (2020-2024) Decode

The LG NanoCell and QNED TV model numbering scheme, which has undergone significant changes in 2020, is designed to reflect critical information about these TVs. As LG increasingly focuses on releasing more QNED TVs, this revised model numbering scheme allows the TV to be identified.

LG NANO and QNED TV Model Numbers since 2020 (2020-2024)

Starting in 2021, a new designation for QNED TVs is being introduced. These models use a similar numbering scheme to NanoCell TVs, but instead of “NANO,” the abbreviation “QNED” is used. The LG TV Nano lineup was discontinued in 2023, marking LG’s transition to more progressive screens.

To decode the LG QNED TV model number, let’s use the ‘75QNED80URA‘ model as an example:

  • 75 – This number denotes the screen size of the TV in inches.
  • QNED – This refers to the type of TV. ‘QNED’ was used from 2021 to 2022, replacing ‘Nano’, which was used from 2020 to 2022.
  • 8 – This number indicates the series of the TV in the lineup.
  • 0 – This number indicates the specific model of TV in the series.
  • U – This letter indicates the type of digital tuner and the sales region of that TV model. Different letters are used for different tuner types and regional standards.
  • R – This letter indicates the year the TV model was developed:
    • N: 2020
    • P: 2021
    • Q: 2022
    • R: 2023
    • T: 2024
  • A – This letter indicates any changes to the TV’s design (stand and frame).

While this model number structure may seem terse, it effectively communicates key features of QNED and NanoCell TVs, such as screen size, series, model type, tuner type, year of development, and design changes. This system allows consumers and retailers to quickly identify and distinguish between different models, assisting in selecting and comparing TVs based on specific needs and preferences

LG OLED TV Model Number 2016-2024 explained

LG’s OLED TV model numbers have been changing since its introduction in 2015, reflecting changes in technology and market needs. Initially, OLED TVs shared a standard model number assignment system with LED TVs. Still, in 2016, LG developed a unique model number designation for OLED TVs to make them easier for consumers to recognize. In 2018, a further rebranding was carried out to unify the model designation principle across all TV lines.

LG OLED TV Model Number 2016-2024

Let’s decode the LG OLED TV model number using ‘OLED65C3PUA’ as an example to understand what information it conveys:

  • OLED – Indicates the TV series, clarifying that it is an OLED TV.
  • 65 – This number indicates the screen size of the TV in inches.
  • C – This letter indicates the model of the TV. The letters used here indicate different resolutions and features:
    • B, C, E, W: TVs with 4K resolution.
    • R: TVs with swivel capability (coming in 2019).
    • Z: TVs with 8K resolution (also introduced in 2019).
  • 3 – This number indicates the year of development of the TV model, corresponding to the last digit of the year:
    • 6: 2016
    • 7: 2017
    • 8: 2018
    • 9: 2019
    • X: 2020
    • 1: 2021
    • 2: 2022
    • 3: 2023
    • 4: 2024
    • 5: 2025
  • P – Originally used in 2016 to indicate the type of tuner, since 2017, this letter has been used to indicate TV modifications and sales regions.
  • U – This letter indicates the type of digital tuner in the TV, with different letters indicating different regional standards; these standards correspond to those described above for LED TVs.
  • A – This letter denotes the design features of the TV.

Model Number LG Lifestyle TV Serie

The LG Lifestyle TV series, introduced in 2022, features a model number structure that emphasizes the product’s design and aesthetic appeal, setting it apart from other LG product lines. This series includes a variety of TVs and screens with unique designs, each catering to a specific lifestyle and decorative preference.

Decoding the LG OLED | Objet Collection Posé TV’s model number’ 48LX1QPUA‘ gives you an idea of how LG assigns model numbers to these products.

  • 48 – This number refers to the TV screen size in inches, the standard measurement for TV size.
  • L – This letter indicates that the TV is part of the LG Lifestyle product line.
  • X1 is a product code that identifies a specific type of Lifestyle TV. Each code corresponds to a unique design concept within the LG Lifestyle series.
    • X1: LG OLED | Objet Collection Posé
    • X3: OLED Flex Smart TV with a bendable screen
    • X5: LG StanbyME Go 27-inch touchscreen with briefcase design
  • Q – This letter indicates the year of the TV’s release. For this model, “Q” means it was released in 2022. This system will be continued with the letter “T” denoting 2024.
  • PUA – as in other LG TV models, this sequence indicates the type of tuner and technical specifications. The letters here correspond to the decoding system used in all LG TV models, providing information about the type of digital tuner and region-specific modifications or features.

What year is my LG TV?

Indeed, understanding the year of development or production of an LG TV is particularly valuable, especially for OLED models, where rapid improvements in OLED screens improve brightness and longevity. LG uses certain letters in the model numbers of its LED and QNED TVs to indicate the year of development, and OLED TVs also use numbers. In the table, you can see the symbols that LG uses to designate the year of development of different models:

2015F, G
2014B, C
2013N, A
2012W, M, S

To determine the exact production date, you need to know the serial number of the TV. The serial number contains more detailed information, including the date of manufacture. This data is beneficial for warranty purposes, resale, or to understand the age of the TV in more detail. For comprehensive instructions on interpreting the serial number, refer to resources like the article “LG TV Serial Number, SVC Code Decoder.” This detailed decoding can give you an idea of the age of the TV.

Old LG TV Model Numbers 2011-2017 Decode, Explained

LG TV Model Numbers 2011-2017

The model number structure of LG TVs before 2018 followed a different, more simplified format that applied to all TV lines. This structure clearly explains the TV’s key features and specifications. Let’s decipher the model number ’49LF631V’ as an example to illustrate this system:

  • 49 – this number stands for the TV screen size in inches. This is a universal measure in the television industry.
  • L – this letter denotes the type of TV screen. The different types of screens are labeled as follows:
    • S: Super UHD
    • U: UHD
    • E: OLED (used until 2016)
    • L: LED
    • P: Plasma (used until 2012)
  • F – This letter indicates the TV model’s development year. Each letter corresponds to a specific year, and “F” stands for this model’s development year.
  • 6 – This number indicates the series of the TV in the lineup.
  • 3 – This number indicates a specific model in the series.
  • 1 – This number indicates the design variations of this TV model.
  • V – This letter indicates the type of digital tuner in the TV. Different letters indicate different types of tuners:
    • T: DVB-T digital tuner
    • C: DVB-C digital tuner
    • S: DVB-S2/T/C digital tuner
    • V: DVB-S2/T2/C digital tuner.

In regions such as the United States and Canada, the tuner type letter designation is not used because only ATSC tuners are used, eliminating the need to include this characteristic in the model number.

LG TV Model Number Lookup

If you’re looking for how to decode the model number of your LG TV, you probably know the model number. However, here’s a quick guide on how to find the model number of your LG TV. There are several ways to find this information:

Check the sticker on the back of the TV: The easiest way is to examine the sticker on the back of the TV.
This sticker provides all the necessary information, including the model and serial number.
However, this approach can be inconvenient if the TV is mounted on the wall, as you will have to remove the TV to access the sticker. This is the most reliable method, especially if the TV is faulty.

LG TV info sticker (on the back of the TV)

Via the TV menu: The model number can also be found on serviceable TVs in the TV’s menu system.
To access this information on most LG TVs manufactured after 2015:
Go to the TV’s main menu.
Select “General“.
Select “About this TV.”
This method is user-friendly but only applies if the TV is working.

LG TV model number in the menu

The TV’s packing box, purchase documents, or instruction manual: Although less common, an alternative method is to refer to the TV’s packing box if it is still available.
The TV’s purchase documents or instruction manual may also contain this information.
However, this is unlikely, as TV manuals are often generic, for multiple TV models or even generic for all TVs, such as those in the OLED line, and often do not even include the model number. In addition, few people keep the packaging box.
While the first two methods are more common, the third option may be a fallback solution, especially if the original packaging or documentation remains intact.

LG TV Short Review by Year

LG TV Model Number 2023: The Nano (NanoCell) line of TVs has been discontinued since 2023. This line has been in production since 2017 and was an advanced LED TV; the displays for these TVs were made according to the technology developed before 2016, a little more progressive backlighting. Nano-TVs were something between QNED (quantum dot display) and LED. In 2023, it became apparent that the Nano series was inferior to QNED and virtually indistinguishable from LED. LG management has decided to continue producing TVs in three segments: OLED, QLED, LED.

LG TV Model Number 2022: In general, the numbering scheme of LG TV models in 2022 will not change significantly. LG’s OLED TVs will receive the following numbers: B2, C2, G2 and W2. For QNED, NanoCell and LED, a new identification of the year of development is introduced, with the letter Q indicating the year (2022).

LG TV Model 2021: In general, the LG TVs model numbers scheme wouldn’t change significantly in 2021. LG TVs would get the following numbers: B1, C1, G1, and W1. For OLED, QNED, NanoCell and LED, the model numbers lookup would remain the same as in 2020, except for replacing the letter N (for 2020) with P (for 2021). While LG TVs 2020 models were labeled as CX, BX, and GX.
For example, for NanoCell and QLED TVs the model number is as follows: 65NANO75UPA. The letter P indicates the year the TV model was developed (2021).

LG TV Model 2020: In 2020, the model numbering scheme hasn’t changed significantly. The only difference is using X instead of the last number of the year to label the OLED TV model development year (OLED65CXPUA for example). Year of development for LED and NanoCellTVs would be labeled with the letter N.

LG TV Model 2019: In 2019, LG TVs received the following improvements: connection to Alexa and Google Assistant is available not only in the high-end but also in mid-range models; LG began mass expansion with its 8K OLED and rollable screens TVs (rollable TVs are labeled with the letter R); LG’s OLED, as well as the S series, TVs, have got the new second-generation Alpha 9 processors.

By the way, we don’t recommend paying special attention to the processor type, as in any case, TVs’ processors offer much worse performance than processors used in mobile devices. That’s why companies don’t highlight the processors used in TVs.

LG TV Model 2018: In 2018, the LG TVs model numbering scheme has been slightly changed. The changes were provoked by the TVs’ unification and bringing OLED and LED TVs to almost the same numbering scheme.

Since 2018, the TV model numbers have been unified for all TVs regardless of region. Cause of these, LG has added three letters to the model number (like PUA/PLA/PLB/WNA) to denote the TV region, tuner type, and design features, such as the TV color. In the second half of 2018, LG has introduced SLC TVs as well. TVs with S letters are sold in the UK and Singapore. TVs with the AUA labeling are on sale in the U.S. By the way, LG claims that the UK and the US models are the same. Also, LG introduced the next generation of artificial intelligence TV w/ AI ThinQ® for its TVs. This technology allows you to control various devices in the house via remote control or using an Internet connection.

LG has also added the support of 4K broadcasting standards. For example, for Korean TVs LG has added ATSC 3.0 UHD tuners. Also, in Japan, 4K and 8K satellite broadcasting has been launched, so LG has added BS 110 standard for this purpose.

LG TV Model 2017: LG continues to position OLED TVs as a separate product line with its own model numbering scheme. In the OLED TVs model, 6 is changed to 7 (the year of the model development). Also, LG has introduced SUPER UHD TV, that’s the name of TV models with improved Nano CELL screens.

LG TV Model 2016: In 2016, LG uses the letter H, which labels the model year of development. Some of the TVs presented in 2016 belong to the TVs Super line. Such models support the HDR support.

LG TV Model 2015: In 2015, LG introduced its first OLED TV. This event can be called a landmark, it was the first successful OLED TV in the world in terms of sales. The model number depended on the type of screen and resolution.

  • EG – Curved OLED 4K screen/4-color screen;
  • EF – Flat-screen OLED 4K;
  • UF – Flat-screen 4K TV;
  • LF – Full HD TV.

 LG TV Model 2014: While the 2013 TVs with and without the 3D were labeled differently (LN, LA), in 2014, all TVs have got the same labelling. Also, the letter B is for flat TVs and the letter C is for curved TVs.

  • UB – UHD TVs;
  • LB – Full HD TVs;
  • UC – C-curved TVs;
  • EC – OLED TVs;
  • LY – Commercial TVs (for offices, bars, hotels).

Archive of our images by LG TV model numbers


  1. I often get an error message that reads “There is an error with this video.” There is a picture of a globe with circles around it. This always happens when I change from local stations to movies. I usually watch Pluto.

    The only way I know how to change this is if I turn off the TV for a hour or so and then turn it back on.

    My TV has local stations on one TV guide and movies on another. Does anyone know how to change this without turning the TV off?

    • I would recommend clearing the cache memory of the TV.
      You can’t start Smart (probably not enough memory). When you turn off the TV, the operative cache is cleared, but the long term cache is saved). I would especially recommend clearing the browser cache if you use it.

      What model of TV do you have?

    • Thank you for holding out this site.
      I have read through all the info and most of the chat without being able to find info. reg. the LG TV I’m looking at buying OLED65CS6 but can not figure out the meaning or the letters: S6

      I would appreciate your opinion.

  2. I have many Commercial units 55LW340C,55UV340C 43LX340C from 32″ to 55″. Is there a way to know the bezel color from the model numbers? I have Gray bezel and Black bezel TV’s. I like order replacements but need to know the bezel colors to match existing Tv’s.


    • Tuettujen laitteiden minimi käyttöjärjestelmä on WebOS 4.0 ja uudemmat
      55UJ651V-ZA WebOS 3.5 Tämä televisio ei tue Discovery +

      The minimum operating system to support Discovery+ on LG TV is WebOS 4.0 or higher.
      55UJ651V-ZA WebOS 3.5 This TV does not support Discovery+.

    • Your TV was released in 2012. The software update is only 4 years old. Your TV is very old. Updates have not been released since 2016.

  3. Since I’m not smart enough to figure it out: Is there something here (https://research.encompass.com/ZEN/sm/OLED65C1PUB.pdf) that proves that LG’s OLED65C1PUB works with both 110 and 220v?
    It does seem to suggest that, even though the voltage info on the sticker at the back of the TV says only 110v (but 50/60hz, interestingly). Plus the info on CXs Power Supply boards displaying both 110 and 220v.
    Thank you!

    • Power supplies in modern TVs are universal, they work with any voltage from 100 to 250 volts and 50/60 Hz.

    • D – 4th generation model
      MF – the country code for which the TV is made
      QLJP – code of components, screen, main board, etc.
      Service centers need this information to identify TV components for repair.

  4. Hi. What might be the difference between 2021 models 65UP80006LA and 65UP80006LR (just one letter, A or R)? Article suggests that it should have something to do with design, but pics on LG UK website are identical (and it seems that both models link to same jpg files). “Compare” feature there is no use also. Price monitoring websites had A model first appear in May, while R pops up only in September.

    • It could be a different color of some design element. For example, LG had different models that differed in the color of the plastic with the LG logo on it. Never mind that. If it is important to you, look at the TV in the store.

  5. Hiya,
    Great source! I was wondering though I see 3 versions of a certain LG OLED I’m looking at in several stores ( in several EU countries) and found one place saying they are aliases, but the price difference makes me suspect otherwise.
    Do you know if or what the difference is between the LG OLED48A13LA OLED48A16LA and the OLED48A19LA?

    Thanks in advance,

    • The TVs are made on the same platform but designed for different countries
      OLED48A13LA – Slovakia
      OLED48A16LA – UK
      OLED48A19LA – Germany, Austria
      Can have differences at the software level, for example in the UK popular service Freeview Play it is pre-installed on a TV made for UK.
      There are also differences in warranty, for example OLED48A16LA – 5 year premium OLED panel warranty on LG Z1 and G1 OLED TVs – this extended warranty is applicable to the panel only. The consumer will be charged for labour after the 12 month product warranty has expired. No registration required. Available in the UK only
      Different warranty conditions, different cost

  6. Hi there,
    I’m looking to buy a new 55 inch LG tv to replace my old 40 inch plasma Panasonic.
    There are two options which are within my budget which are very similar and have a slight price difference of only 30 USD.
    55UN7310PSC is cheaper and 55UN7310PDC a little more expensive.
    Can someone please explain the difference between these 2 models?
    Thanks in advance.

    • TVs with digital tuners
      55UN7310PSC – TV made for Brazil with SBTVD digital tuner
      55UN7310PDC – TV for Colombia with DVB-T/T2 digital tuner

      Depending on what country you are from, if you buy a 55UN7310PDC in Brazil you won’t be able to watch terrestrial TV and vice versa.

  7. could you please explain the product code OLED65C1PTZ.CTRQLJL? I dont understand what those characters CTRQLJL mean after ‘.’.

    And also, how could you know if an OLED panel is meant for specific model. I mean CX, C1 everything looks same except for Processor. Do these models share same OLED panel? And are there any explanation for OLED Panel Serial numbers?

    • CTRQLJL is the coding of vendors and accessories, motherboard, OLED panel type, and so on. Don’t pay attention to them they are needed by the service centers. OLED panels can be different, the panel itself has the panel part number and the generation number REV.00. But you have to take the TV apart to see it.

      • First of all, I appreciate your prompt response for every question. The reason why I wanted to know if an OLED panel is meant for specific model is, my OLED panel needs to be replaced and when they do that, how would I know if it’s the one meant for C1 or CX. So trying to find some answers what do I need to watch out for when they are replacing the panel. Your insights will help me get the right one.

        My TV is brand new, which is not even 2 weeks old, and I am facing with dead pixels since day 1 of installation. Yeah, its hurting me a lot and fighting with company to get a replacement. When they do that I need to make sure I am getting the right and genuine one.

  8. My LG TV has a dead main board. I can’t find the necessary part anywhere! My model number is also a mystery. It’s 55UK6500MLA and the replace part number I need is 9CEBT000-0271
    Any suggestions or additional info?

      UA region for which the TV is manufactured
      B – revision number of TV set
      US – code of the country for which the TV is produced.
      YLOR – technical information about components, needed by service centers for correct spare parts selection.

  9. My TV MODEL SAYS LG32LM577BZUA. IS THIS A REAL LG TV? If so what do the letters BZUA MEAN?

    • Yes, it’s an LG television.
      B – modification
      Z – Determines which country or region the TV is made for. Z -US
      U – Type of ATSC digital tuner (US, Canada)
      A – design

  10. Can you break down this number please 55UU340C ? I haven’t been able to find anything on the UU or what year it was made.

  11. 32LG50-UA.AU8OLJM. Serial # 806MXEZ2Y660 is the information on the back of my LG Television. Can you help me decode what this means. It’s an older set, I think, and if I followed your instructions correctly, it was made in June of 2008 but I’m not sure. Please help me.

  12. hi there, ive just looked through ALL this info and im still at a loss, unless i have the model number wrong, the only thing i can find on the back of the TV is MCR65154004 and underneth it is (REV03) ive been trying to work out how to get a content store on it but all i can work out is its to old? if it is i guess im doomed and will be watching things on the computer forever or till we win lotto LoL! can someone please shed some light on this for me? thanks in advance 🙂

  13. Thanks a lot. Do you know whether the OLED 55BX3LB support full HDMI 2.1 at all on one of the HDMI ports? If yes, which of the 4 is the HDMI 2.1 port?

    • Supports 4K@100Hz, eARC(Enhanced Audio Return Channel), VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), ALLM (Automatic Low Latency Mode) as specified in HDMI 2.1 (2port) number 3,4
      LG BX3LB

      • Great, many thanks!
        Are you aware of any technical differences between the OLED55BX6/3LB and the OLED55BX9LB? As to my understanding, the BX9LB is build for the German market and has two-triple tuners whereas the OLED55BX6/3LB is build for the English market (?) and has one triple-tuner. Do you know whether this is true and if there are other major differences between those two?

  14. I have a 2011 LG Televion. Can I use headless headphones from my tv and how should I connect it if I can

  15. Hallo, ik heb gister een LG OLED tv gekocht.
    Ik heb echter een ander type nummer gekregen dan besteld.
    Namelijk geleverd: LG OLED65GX3PLA
    Besteld: LG OLED65GX6PLA

    Is dit kwalijk of is het verschil te negeren en betreft het alleen een tv uit een ander land?
    Of zijn er echt daadwerkelijke grote verschillen?

    Alvast bedankt.

    • Waarschijnlijk heb je een model OLED65GX3LA, dit is een tv-toestel voor Polen. De technische parameters zijn hetzelfde.

  16. For which country is then “3” LG OLED48CX3LB?
    Can anybody decrypt the last letter which describes the design (A, B, C)?

    • 3 – TV for Poland and Latvia
      A, B, С – these are minor changes between models, in principle not to be ignored.
      OLED 48CX – is available in the following versions

      • Hi Im from MÉXICO and I get a OLED55BX5PU.
        Does Somebody know what is the meaning of the “5”? Im afraid of its specs being different from OLED55BXPUA, I want to know why doesn’t exist info online about this model with the 5

        • This is a modification of the TV, for example in Europe, it means a modification for a certain country. In your case, it is most likely a PUA, it is a TV for the North American market, 5UA TV only for Mexico.
          The information is sometimes updated by LG on the official website later.
          The difference only in service, If you buy a TV in Mexico and bring it to the U.S., it has no Samsung warranty.
          5PU – this is most likely an error, there should be 5UA (A or other letter).

          • I don’t think it was an error due to the same model came printed by LG in the box.
            Also I found a LG article about an offer just for Sam’s Club (Mexico) saying that the OLED55BX5PU is going to be cheaper…
            anyway if the specs will be the same I dont care if the model have al the alphabet in it, thank you so much!

  17. Hi, good info, in the UK we have the CX6LA and CX5LB, LG support said they have different internal boards, not sure how much truth there is to that?

    • Yes it is possible, TVs have the same technical specifications. But boards can be made by different manufacturers. For this, different model numbers are used.

  18. The last 3 symbol clarification is not longer complete in 2020 since the new 2020 (X) models have a number AFTER the X where the region is supposed to be. Right now I am looking at 3 variations: CX9LA, CX8LC and CX9LB. Could you please explain those? Because the price is wildly different between those but they are all sold in the same store

    • CX9LA
      C – model TV
      X – 2020
      8 – TV for Germany, 9-TV for Austria
      A,C,B-minor design changes


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