The refrigerator has long become an electric appliance without which it is impossible to do, but on average, after 10 years, the refrigerator needs to be changed. When planning a purchase, it is worthwhile to study the types of refrigerators.

FRENCH DOOR refrigerator

Refrigerator with a French door, in the refrigerator there are 2 doors, the doors of the refrigerator open in both directions, such doors were very popular in France, from where this name came. Also feature of such refrigerators is the average height of the refrigerator.

Refrigerators with a French door have a height of about 70 inches (180cm), width 35-36 inches (85-95cm). Depth 31-35 inches (75-95cm).

Convenient access to the refrigerator, as the doors open on both sides.



Refrigerators with a lower freezer, the volume of the refrigerator is regulated by the height and width, at the discretion of the manufacturer, one manufacturer changes the height, another manufacturer changes the width. Of course, because of the door, the width of such a refrigerator is smaller, since it is inconvenient to open a very wide door. Convenient placement of the refrigerating chamber, it is convenient to get food from the refrigerator, as it is not necessary to bend down.



Such refrigerators were popular in the 60s, while at that time such an arrangement was practically the only acceptable one that allowed cold air to cool at the top to naturally descend down cooling the refrigerator compartment. Now this design is outdated and in some countries such refrigerators are practically not sold. One of the main reasons, the inconvenience of using the door in the refrigerator opens 10-20 times more often than in the freezer and it is very inconvenient to take products from the lower shelf.

Other categories of refrigerators

Refrigerators for wine and drinks

Refrigerators for wine and drinks, designed specifically for this purpose. This fridge is convenient for those who have large wine collections. As the name implies, the refrigerator is purely for drinks, there is no freezer in it.


Compact refrigerators have small sizes, they are installed in garages, trailers, hotel rooms. Very small freezer, just for making ice.

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