UHD TVs UB800v, UB820v, UB830v, UB850v differences (Europe)

UB820V, UB830V, UB850v, the second digit in the model designation indicates the technical differences between the TV. More in detail Identifying the models of LG TVs 2012-2020

Consider what the differences are between the models.

In European countries presented different models of TVs, for example in the

  • UK UB820v, UB830v, UB850v,
  • Germany UB830v, UB850v,
  • France, Italy, Poland UB800v, UB820v, UB830v, UB850v.

UB800V, UB820V, UB830Vin these models the operating system installed Net Cast 4.5, UB850v it worth operating system Web OS.

UB800V и UB820V this TV without the support of 3D. 800 model does not support color control is not particularly critical, also has a slightly different sound processing algorithm, namely Virtual Surround Plus, higher class models have the algorithm ULTRA Surround.

UB850V has access to the LG Cloud (cloud storage information) only in this model have the appropriate software to work with the repository, other models can not..

UHD TV 8 series can be divided into classes with quite substantial differences.

  1. UB800V and UB820V, UB830 in these TVs have an operating system Net Cast (she stands on LG TVs in 2011), UB850 installed OS Web OS (2014).
  2. UB800V и UB820V- UB800V and UB820V- TVs without 3D. Televisions differ little technical specifications.
  3. UB830, UB 850V- TVs with a 3D preview. Differ in that the 850 model has access to LG Cloud and different OS.


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